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Security Surveillance

Cloud-Based Security Solutions

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Security surveillance is a necessity for proactively protecting your property, your employees, and even your customers. Blue Fox draws upon its deep understanding of security equipment, surveillance, monitoring, and access control to help protect your business with cutting-edge surveillance systems and secure access control.

Blue Fox Group Surveillance solutions feature innovative, cloud-based security solutions that require no servers, work over the cloud, and leverage security data to strengthen physical security and streamline operations. 

Blue Fox Group Security Surveillance Features:

  • Cameras across all locations on one screen
  • Cloud-based access control that seamlessly integrates with video security.
  • Share feeds instantly via SMS or direct link
  • Real-time alerts for unusual activity like tampering or camera offline
  • Event-driven history, allowing you to scrub days’ worth of footage in an instant
  • On-camera analytics for instant results and insights 
  • Customize user permissions and access across your organization
  • Security analytics that strengthens physical security and streamlines operations.

Powerful & Seamless Business Security Solutions Made Simple

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Powerful Cloud-based Security Solutions Made Simple

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Our Security Surveillance Services

Cloud-based access control that seamlessly integrates with powerful video security.

  • Manage doors, users, and schedules across your entire organization.
  • Monitor real-time activity with a live feed of access-based events.
  • Add and remove users, edit credentials, and set permissions.

Cloud-based Access Management from one Command™ platform.

  • A complete picture of what’s happen at several locations.
  • Manage doors, users and schedules across your entire organization.
  • Monitor real-time activity from a live feed of access-based events.

Enterprise-Grade Security Cameras

  • 180-degree Plug and Play Cameras
  • Wide range of enterprise security cameras, including durable indoor and outdoor domes, discreet minis, and panoramic fisheyes.
  • Built-in solid-state drive - no NVRs or DVRs

Instantly detect meaningful changes across your organization.

  • Appearance analytics detect colors, shapes, humidity, car makes/models and gender for you
  • Investigate events with associated video evidence
  • Set alert thresholds to receive proactive notifications.

Reduce response time and save lives

  • Web-based lockdown activation and release
  • Customized scenarios for responding to incidents
  • Role-based access for managing lockdowns

Modern Security Surveillance Advancements

  • Vape Detection Analysis: The sensor measures air quality, temperature & vaping
  • Time lapse Monitoring: Watch hourly or daily time lapses of activity in frame
  • Motion Plotting: Track movement across sites with real-time heatmaps

Customers Tell Their Stories

Steamboat Springs School [Education]

“See how they added cameras in doors, outdoors and in the parking lot to quickly gather insights instantly to review and send footage as an instant link. “Something that takes minutes used to take hours.”

City of Parkersburg [Police Force]

“Discover why the Parkersburg Police Force needed to access cameras from their smart phones, and how Headquarters uses the Command Center to lower crime and stay ahead.” 

Godley Independent School District [School District]

“As far as IT goes, there are only 3 of us that oversee all the high schools in our district. We needed a video surveillance that could respond to emergencies.” 

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