SD Wan Cloud Performance

SD Wan Cloud Performance

SD-WAN is a routing technology that takes diverse types of network traffic and prioritizes pre-designated applications and types of network traffic.


SD WAN is software-defined wide-area network applied to WAN connections used to connect branch offices and data center, over a large geographical distance. SD WAN controls those network connections through cloud technology, replacing the traditional MPLS circuits that were formally associated with on-premise networks. It is most commonly used for multi-site networks and/or to optimize connections to the cloud.

SD WAN Provides Users With Many Benefits Including:

  • The ability to prioritize your most mission-critical network traffic over the highest-quality connection available.
  • The ability to designate certain traffic as high-priority for quality of service (QOS)
  • The ability to switch high-priority traffic over to better connections if their primary connections fail The ability to bundle various kinds of connections – such as broadband, DSL, 4G LTE, etc. – into a single network

We’re Bringing Sexy Back to Cloud Performance

SD-WAN is gaining rapid adoption within the SMB market as a cloud-performance tool with major advantages focused on cost, reliability and security. 

SD-WAN Cost Savings

From a cost perspective, SD-WAN can be up to 50% less expensive than the MPLS circuits and provide the same, if not better cloud traffic designation. Today’s SD-WAN give businesses a secure, fast and reliable way to maintain QoS over the cloud with the expensive price tag associated with MPLS.

SD-WAN Failover

There is no amount of money that can articulate the true cost to a business when an important phone call is lost, and/or the network performs slowly or goes down altogether. When employees can’t access their information, they cannot work. SD-WAN detects when an ISP goes down and immediately moves that connection to a new and faster connection to prevent your call from being dropped or your internet from performing slowly. IP failover is a built-in feature of SD-WAN that makes it instant cost savings to any organization.

SD-WAN Reliability

While the cloud is attractive to small-to-medium sized businesses due to its incredible flexibility to add and subtract users, provide instant access from any location and to be priced in small monthly increments, the cloud does not come without its own set of issues. Slow internet performance accompanies the cloud. If a business does not have the ability to monitor cloud traffic and prioritize the right applications, the internet will at some point experience latency and slow performance. SD-WAN recognizes certain types of traffic and provides instant QoS on public internet circuits. It has the unique ability to detect lost packets and add parity packets into the queue ensuring that your most important applications perform at top speeds.

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