Partial or Full Cloud-Based Phone Systems

Cloud-Based Phone System

Partial or Full Cloud-Based Phone Solutions for Small Business Offers Flexibility, Simplicity and Innovation

Modern business communications demand a host of tools, including desk and mobile phones, email, instant messaging, voicemail, presence information and audio, video and Web conferencing. The brings these tools together in an integrated system that facilitates seamless communications anywhere, anytime over any device.

Rather than purchase, install an on-site business phone system, a hosted, or cloud-based phone system is maintained for you and the Blue Fox Group takes responsibility for owning, configuring and managing all of your business communications needs.

But not everyone is ready to move their entire phone system into the cloud for security, compliance or other reasons. In this case hybrid and private-cloud options offer organizations the flexibility and features of the cloud, while maintaining key aspects of your phone system independently onsite. To learn more about hybrid and private cloud options, read on.

Human Communication, In the Cloud

Business Communication is human communication and how you communicate is entirely up to what your unique organization needs to best service your clients. There are several benefits of cloud-communication enabling employees to communicate with greater flexibility and allowing businesses to purchase only what they need for as long as they need it. 

UC as a Service

Meet the needs of your customers and internal team with the power of voice, video, and collaboration backed by flexible, efficient cloud deployment. True unified communications mean all your business communication tools in one place, that you can access from any place.

Powerful Collaboration

Be more productive with the collaboration capabilities of an enterprise-grade audio, web and video conferencing. Chat, share, meet and collaborate with one simple online collaboration tool available on PC, Mac, Android, iOS and other mobile devices.

Contact Center Integration

Equipping Contact Centers of all sizes on the most powerful and secure unified communication platform with voice, workforce management, collaboration tools, gamification and critical analytics around agent productivity and customer satisfaction.

Impactful Analytics

All your call data, agent data and mobile usage right at your fingertips. Analytics give you insight into all aspects of your business both in the office, from a device or any remote and branch location. Use analytics to power your decisions.

Private Cloud System

Private & Hybrid Cloud Options – Ideal Cloud Solutions for Small Business

Not every business is ready to move to the cloud, but those very same businesses may need collaboration features, triage capabilities, ring groups, contact center & CRM integration for real-time customer intelligence and data redundancy that can only be found in the cloud. A private cloud environment with the controls and security of an on-premise system is the best of both worlds.

Onsite Features in a Private Cloud Environment

Private Cloud SystemCombining the power of business phone services with the convenience and rich functionality of an on-premise system, our private cloud environment provides users with the following:

  • Geo-redundant data centers that continue to provide service even in the rare event one goes down. 
  • Get the maximum flexibility to create your own communications environment without the complexity of managing it all yourself. Scale gracefully from 75 to 10,000 users, allowing your business to grow and add features at your own pace.
  • Consistent employees experience regardless of whether there are in an office, on the road, or working in a different location.
  • Private Cloud controls software updates enabling your team to decide when to roll out system updates according to your schedule
  • Ring Group Opportunities to better triage incoming calls and present a better customer experience 
  • SD Wan enabled, enhancing the performance of the cloud across multiple locations at one low monthly price tag.

Not all businesses need a pure cloud and/or pure on-premise experience. Gain the flexibility and innovation of a private cloud environment while maintaining the controls and rich feature sets only found in an on-site business phone system. 

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