ShoreTel Support Partners

ShoreTel Support Partners

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Arizona ShoreTel Support

If your ShoreTel system does not work the way you expect, OR you've outgrown your existing support provider, it's time to consider a new provider. When your ShoreTel system does not work the way you expect it to work, you want to know that you can connect with experienced support partner to get the ShoreTel technical support, upgrades, maintenance and help you need. Having implemented over 392 ShoreTel systems, we bring both the design, expertise, and certification to the table to help you get the most out of your ShoreTel investment.

Interested in learning how you can use your ShoreTel Phone System to Improve Customer Experience?

Plan Your Migration Path to Mitel's Connect Platform

Mitel's product roadmap is underscored by ShoreTel Connect technology. They have committed to supporting ShoreTel 14.2 software, Enterprise Contact Center and Mobility 8 only until December 2019.

Let us assist you with planning a migration path to Mitel's Connect platform - which offers onsite and cloud options including 40 advanced apps, CRM integration, collaboration tools, mobility and more. There's no need to discard your investment in your ShoreTel solution to move to the cloud.

We can help you get the most out of your ShoreTel investment.

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ShoreTel Support Package includes:

  • Monthly Cloud & Admin Training On-Site
  • Advanced Hardware Replacement
  • Live, Web-based User Training
  • Unlimited Phoenix ShoreTel Support During & Outside Business Hours
  • Unlimited Remote Moves, Adds, Changes, and Integration
  • Proactive Monitoring & Response to Critical Alarms
  • Back-up & Analytics
  • Free Quarterly Technology Consulting
  • Telephone carrier services
  • Discounted local internet services

AZ ShoreTel Support

It’s really not just enough to say you provide the best Arizona ShoreTel support, you have to be able to prove it.


Our Arizona ShoreTel support team is made up of certified ShoreTel/Mitel engineers that provide the very best and deepest knowledge of how your system works. We invest heavily into the depth and breadth of our engineering bench and believe your communication needs are at the heart of every business ability to service their clients.

Whether you have a ShoreTel system already or are looking at purchasing a Mitel Connect phone system, we deliver the following services to every client we support:

Blue Fox Group Supports Arizona businesses with any of the following:

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Blue Fox ShoreTel Support Manifesto:

We want to ensure that you get the most out of your ShoreTel investment. Deciding to invest in a phone system is only the start. Access all the rich features of a ShoreTel system and being supported is our only job.


At Blue Fox, we are so dedicated to the support you should receive that we publish our Support Manifesto with the guarantee that we will make every effort to deliver on our promises, or you can have your money back.

You First

The real problem in technology is rarely the problem reported. Instead of putting the technology first, we put you first. Whether it’s working past five o’clock or helping you on the weekend, you can guarantee that your support issues simply comes first. Period.

Support Focused

Support matters from the amount of time it takes for us to pick up the phone to the moment when we successfully resolve your support issues. Your support needs are the only reason we are here. So, we enthusiastically welcome your calls, your needs, and your challenges and look forward to exceeding your expectations.

Promises Are Kept

We go way beyond the surface, dig deep and ask enough of the right questions to get to the heart of the issue and really understand the full impact it has on your business. This allows us to not only design a fully comprehensive solution but also discover unseen IT problems that make technology difficult to use. We will never leave you hanging; that’s our promise to you.

Create Happiness

Should you do what you love; love what you do? We believe technology is a beautiful thing when it helps you do your job better. So, when we get to be a part of helping you enjoy what you do a little bit more, we believe we get to create happiness. And, that’s what we do.

Get the support you deserve by starting a conversation with the Blue Fox Team. Let us help you communicate better.