Microsoft 365

Bring All Your Productivity Tools Under One Umbrella

Microsoft 365 comes bundled with all your favorite Microsoft Office applications, Windows 10 Pro, Teams, and Enterprise Mobility+Security for a complete, interconnected experience. And while employees are more geographically dispersed than ever before, working from the same online collaboration and communication platform is key to greater productivity.

While Office 365 may appear to be easy to implement and use, there are certain complexities built into the backend that may not allow you to use it the way you intend. At Blue Fox Group we have both the IT know-how and the ability to provided guided project management, system set up, deployment, and training, saving you time, mistakes, and money. We make Office 365 work for you.

Client Story: 

"The migration process was quick – in fact quicker than anticipated. The Blue Fox team did most of the work and was helpful throughout the entire process. This was a big help to our internal IT Team. We are glad we made this move."

-- Pam S., Consolidated Partners

Get the Help You Need to Integrate Microsoft 365 & Teams into Your Workflow

Over the years, Blue Fox Group has helped hundreds of Arizona-based SMBs successfully migrate from legacy to cloud solutions. We specialize in simplifying the process by listening to what you want to do, replicating and enhancing your current workflow, minimizing employee downtime, and increasing user adoption and overall experience.



Immediate Advantages of Working with Blue Fox Group

Fewer Errors // Greater User Adoption

Office 365 is a powerful tool with many apps and features, but getting these apps to work within your current environment can be error-prone and full of complications. Our team has the IT know-how, programming, and project management expertise to guide you through set up, deployment, and training. And even though your applications are now in the cloud, we continue to support you by providing a real person (not a resource link or search page) on the other side of the line when you need help.

Consolidate Tools // Minimize Costs 

That's right! With Microsoft 365 and Teams, you can consolidate several disparate applications such as your business phone system, [read more] video conferencing, project management, and more - all into one platform. Don't waste time trying to cobble together disconnected business applications or money paying for them. Look to the Blue Fox Group Team for help and guidance.

Free Up IT 

In addition to employee costs, the cost of migrating to and implementing a robust system like Microsoft 365 should not be underestimated. Migrating systems and data usually proves to be more complicated than anticipated, tying up valuable IT staff time. When you work with Blue Fox Group, we help your IT team think through the security and technology considerations and map a solution that works for your organization. This, in return, frees up your IT team to work on mission-critical projects.

Guarantee Employee Productivity 

Your executive team expects you to keep employees productive before, during, and after implementation of Office 365. When you adopt a feature-rich tool like Office 365, user disruption is sure to follow unless you know which hurdles and landmines to avoid in advance. Let us guide you through a methodical plan that takes into account dependencies, special programming, and experience in implementing Office 365, helping you to avoid mistakes that result in employee downtime.

Teams Enhances the Office 365 Offering

Microsoft Teams comes free inside the Office 365 package and offers amazing advantages that many businesses will eventually adopt. Read our latest article on the 6 biggest advantages of Teams and decide if you are ready to maximize your Microsoft 365 investment.

MS Teams


Align Your Productivity Tools on One Platform - Microsoft 365