Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365

Aligning Productivity Tools with Productivity Goals

Microsoft now offers an all-in-one bundle that includes the Office 365 suite, Windows 10 Pro, and Enterprise Mobility+Security for a complete, interconnected experience. And while employees are.  more geographically dispersed than ever. geographically dispersed than ever, working from the same online collaboration and communication toolset, complete with security and file sharing is key to greater productivity. But implementing Microsoft 365 consistently across the board may not be as easy as you might think.

At Blue Fox Group, we’ve migrated countless businesses from legacy systems to Microsoft 365. We’ve seen hundreds of things that can go wrong on the source side, across the DNS system, and how data flows from one system to another.

Our experience ensures that the migration and all network and cloud technology work together for a smooth transition that has your team up and running quickly, reducing time and security vulnerabilities for both your employees and IT staff.

Client Story: 

"The migration process was quick – in fact quicker than anticipated. The Blue Fox team did most of the work and was helpful throughout the entire process. This was a big help for team internally. We are glad we made this move."

-- Pam S., Consolidated Partners

Office 365

Get the Help You Need to Migrate your team to Microsoft 365 with Success

Over the years, Blue Fox Group has helped hundreds of Arizona-based SMBs successfully migrate from a legacy to a cloud solution. One of our specialties is designing the flow of data to and from Microsoft 365, minimizing employee downtime and IT staff costs, and immediately improving user experience.

Immediate Advantages of Working with Blue Fox Group

Improve Team Adoption & Experience

Working with an outside partner, like Blue Fox Group can minimize confusion and mistakes that often result when migrating processes and data into the cloud and make the process go smoother for you. To prevent negative impact on employee productivity, you want to make sure the migration carries over all personalization settings, and settings are configured correctly from the start. Improve your team’s experience by working with a partner who knows how to do this from the start.

Minimize Employee Costs Overtime

Employee cost is often overlooked in the face of a new Microsoft 365 migration. You want to avoid employee interruption and downtime that gets in the way of performance and productivity. Let the Blue Fox Group build a project plan that minimizes employee downtime and improves immediate productivity while using Microsoft 365. 

Minimize IT Costs Overtime

In addition to employee costs, the cost of migrating to and implementing a robust system like Microsoft 365 should not be underestimated. Migrating systems and data usually proves to be more complicated than anticipated, tying up valuable IT staff time. When you work with Blue Fox Group, we help your IT team think through the security and technology considerations and map a solution that works for your organization. This, in return, frees up your IT team to work on mission-critical projects.

Manage Your Risk Tolerance

Your executive team expects the IT team to maximize uptime and keep employees working productively. How critical to your business is maximizing uptime? What is the tolerance for risk by the leadership team at the company? By outsourcing the migration of Microsoft 365 to Blue Fox Group, you can mitigate the risks and architect a solution you can grow into.

Align Your Productivity Goals with Microsoft 365