IT Strategy & Planning

Strategy, Planning, Purchasing & Seamless Integration of All Your Technology

Technology should increase productivity, improve operations, and drive profit to the bottom line. So, how do you ensure that happens? By working with a true systems integrator like Blue Fox Group, we act as your VCIO, helping you plan and build a cohesive technology strategy that defines, tracks and documents your technology roadmap so that you can prepare and budget for future upgrades along the way. We provide significant discounts on necessary technology, and we integrate all your technology into a network that works seamlessly, just the way you want it to work.

Client Story: 

“Thank you for staying on top of our projects, and for all, you did to expedite the process. Your team did a great job, and that is why we chose you.

-- S. Jope, Director of Client Services

We help our clients save time, money, and make the right IT purchasing decisions.

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Benefits of our Enhanced Asset Management & vCIO Planning Services

 Enhanced Asset Management

We will provide insight into all of the devices which make up your IT environment, providing status on equipment warranty, end of life, and system information designed to help you stay abreast of updates and changes as they pertain to your technology investment.

Network Documentation

Blue Fox Group thoroughly reviews and documents your environment at the time of onboarding. Our experienced technicians will perform a thorough “discovery” of your technology environment, noting existing equipment, set up, possible security weak points, and other critical items. This information is then documented, allowing us to provide technical support as needed.

Technology Procurement at the Best Price

We understand that when it comes to purchasing technology, there are many choices. Blue Fox Group has been procuring IT products for almost two decades.  We utilize our wealth of experience, each day as we assist our clients.  Our goal is to save time, save money, and assist the client in making IT purchasing decisions appropriate to their needs.

Planning & Budgeting for Future Technology Enhancements 

Blue Fox Group will work closely with your team to understand your budget as well as your project needs. We provide an agile team dedicated to procurement and logistics as well as budgeting for future IT investments. Our goal is to help you reduce costs over time while putting into place the right technology to accomplish your goals.

Let’s Build Something Predictable & Profitable for You!