Endpoint Management

Scalable & Effective Cloud-Based Endpoint Management

Every device, piece of equipment, and application impacts daily team performance. To create a stable and productive network environment, network endpoints need to be monitored and secured to ensure the network performs well and remains secure, but not all endpoint management is alike. At Blue Fox Group, we take a unique approach to Endpoint Management by deploying an advanced security solution that goes beyond just your standard anti-virus and network monitoring software. The Blue Fox team deploys a "purpose-built" process that locates, updates, protects and monitors endpoint alerts, and irregular behavior. Our team not only manages alerts, but we also provide the expertise and manpower to respond to the issue and remediate it quickly. Advanced AI and automation, combined with the Blue Fox Team expertise, ensure your network endpoints are secure and running smoothly.

Client Story: 

"We experienced a very successful Scottsdale office set up today from your team! They are "fixers ." They are also professional, know what they're doing, and is always go the extra mile to make the customer experience a very positive one. Providing an agenda in advance really helped our team come prepared. Thanks so much !"  -- G. Thomas  Business Manager, Arizona Consulting Services, LLC

"Good job Blue Fox Group on the hardware refresh.  I heard systems are operational and it seemed like an easy-ish transition for all. We sure appreciate that!" -- Director, IT Services, RED Development, LLC

How it Works

Remote Monitoring & Management 

Blue Fox's purpose-built process includes the ability to locate, update, protect, and monitor updates for alerts, and irregular behavior through a select set of tools providing:

  • Centralized Administration
  • Microsoft Security Patching and Updates
  • End Point Detection and Response
  • Automated Monitoring and Alerts 
  • Application, Performance and Hardware Monitoring
  • Remote Support Access
  • Antivirus, Anti Malware, Anti Phishing
  • Documentation 
  • Support for Windows, Mac, Linux, Virtual Machines, Cloud

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The Benefits to You

Proven, Simplified Endpoint Management

A proven, simplified process for keeping your system up-to-date and running smoothly is the Blue Fox Group way. Our alert and remediation process does more than just monitor alerts. We use advanced automation to seek out irregularities and fix the problem so that your team can do what they do best, their jobs. The result is endpoints that run smoothly and remain secure.

Advanced Security Solutions Beyond Your Standard Anti-Virus

Security threats multiply and morph daily. Once a new threat is resolved, cybercriminals find another angle or exploit, and anti-virus software can only prevent known threats. That why Blue Fox Group deploys Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions that leverage machine learning and AI data to detect unknown threats and provide immediate remediation. What anti-virus can't do, the Blue Fox Group team can.

Analytics to Solve Problems Fast

Leverage the rich data flow generated from Roar's automated documentation. With custom-endpoint metrics, you can pinpoint the data you care about and answer questions like, "Are all of our firewalls up-to-date?" We equip team members and billing operations with detailed and up-to-date data that simplifies both simple and complex questions about your endpoints.

Flexible Reports with Compliance Assistance

We provide our clients with regular updates with endpoint information of every device and application in  their environments. Our technicians watch your network with dashboards to see what's going on and aggregate that data into flexible reports. Custom reporting reduces the overhead and time required to collect information for 3rd party audits and compliance reporting so that you get what you need without additional cost.

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