Meraki Cloud Network End-Point, Wireless & Security Management

Meraki Cloud End-Point Dashboard

Meraki Solutions: Simply Better IT

Cisco Meraki creates powerful cloud-managed IT solutions, helping organizations save time and money with technology that simply works. The best IT solutions are now simple to use, seamless to access and wrap performance analytics and security into the solution so that you don’t have to log into multiple systems with maintaining several passwords to manage the overall wireless, switching, mobility and security controls. Smart IT should give you end-to-end visibility into the end user's experience on the network so that you can make smarter decisions about how IT serves your team.

This is why Blue Fox Group works with the Cisco Meraki portfolio to offer IT, professionals, a central cloud dashboard to manage all wireless endpoints from one intuitive interface. This feature-rich, easy-to-use dashboard enables your team to reduce operating costs and rapidly implement IT initiatives with the hassle, time and challenges associated with traditional infrastructure and permission-based obstacles that make real-time changes and updates, time-consuming.

Four key ways that Meraki reduces the complexity and time IT professionals spend managing and securing end-point devices. 

Meraki Cloud Network End-Point, Wireless & Security Management

Comprehensive Security in a Single Box

Centrally manage network security, SD-WAN, and application controls using zero-touch cloud provisioning. Security settings are simple to synchronize across thousands of sites using templates. Auto VPN technology securely connects branches in 3 clicks, through an intuitive, web-based dashboard. Every Meraki Security Appliance supports several features, like a stateful firewall and integrated Sourcefire intrusion prevention (IPS) engine, to keep networks secure. Threat definitions and filter lists are seamlessly updated, ensuring every site has bleeding-edge protection from the latest vulnerabilities and troublesome websites. 

Meraki Cloud Network End-Point, Wireless & Security Management

Centralized EndPoint Management

Provision, monitor and ensure security for your entire network from one device. The Meraki EndPoint Management dashboard enables you to unify management and control of thousands of mobile and desktop devices in the secure, browser-based Meraki dashboard. Drive your organization’s mobility initiatives by seamlessly onboarding new devices and automating the application of security policies. [3 Best Practices for Helping IT Gain Back More Time]

Meraki Cloud Network End-Point, Wireless & Security Management

Cloud Managed Wireless

A single dashboard gives visibility into the network users, their devices, and their applications. Armed with rich analytics, administrators can quickly create access control and application usage policies, optimizing both the end-user experience and network security. Your entire network can be viewed from a single pane of glass, giving you initiative multi-site controls via the cloud, while eliminating the cost and complexity of traditional wireless controls.

Meraki Cloud Network End-Point, Wireless & Security Management

Analytics & Performance Insights

Meraki Insight helps IT administrators optimize the end user experience, significantly reducing the time it takes to isolate network or application problems that lie beyond the LAN, improving insights and drastically reducing troubleshooting efforts. Faster problem resolution gives IT more time to support their organization’s mission priorities.

Manage Your Entire Network from a Cloud Dashboard.

Let Blue Fox Group introduce you to a new way to simplify network management through a single pane of glass, cloud-based dashboard. 
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