Business Wi-Fi

Business Wi-Fi

Customer Data That Both Marketing & IT Will Probably IGNORE

There is valuable customer data that your marketing & IT team will probably ignore.

Never in our history of consumer behavior and marketing have we ever had the kind of power we have today to track, analyze and customize our customer’s experience.

Guest Wi-Fi and customer portals offer the perfect platform for collecting customer social preferences, segmentation data and customer buying pattern analytics that are quickly becoming critical for creating a relevant, customized customer experience with your services. The question is how to collect the data; what to do with the data and when to use the data to add value to your customer experience. And we have a great new program to help you do that called, Intelligent Wi-Fi.

Guest Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Analytics on Steroids

Free guest Wi-Fi has become an expectation for businesses. If you operate with a storefront and/or venue, your guests will expect the ability to access your Wi-Fi. If you are B2B and operate online, you might offer your guests a special portal, giving them the ability to sign-in using social logins such as Facebook and/or Google. Another major advantage of guest Wi-Fi and guest portals is your ability to collect user preferences and online visits, clicks and buying patterns for analyzing this data and creating personalized messages, offers, and information.

Combining the power of secure Wi-Fi, social preferences and online behavior data collection is what we call Wi-Fi analytics. It’s a super powerful combination that gives your marketing & IT team the ability to analyze Wi-Fi and network usage in real time by segmenting offers and information combined with insights to monetize the visitor experience.

Wi-Fi Analytics on Steroids

Real-World Example of How a Local Museum Used Wi-Fi & Analytics Intelligence

Sometimes the best way to describe the benefits of Intelligent Wi-Fi is to speak to how it worked for a local museum. This museum wanted to create a truly digitally immersed experience for visitors that could direct visitors through the venue while gaining valuable insights into where the greatest level of interest was being generated for each guest. They also wanted to create a custom experience to attract more visitors and entice repeat visitors to share their experience and come again. They had four main goals in mind when they implemented their Wi-Fi analytics collection tool. Their goals were the following:

  • Offer guest Wi-Fi through a branded login portal
  • Allow visitors to share their pictures and experience via social media
  • Update new and returning visitors with updates on upcoming events, exhibitions and offers directly on their phone using Wi-Fi analytics
  • Create revenue streams through 3rd party advertising and sponsorship on the Wi-Fi splash page and messaging

Intelligent Wi-Fi allowed this museum to exceed any data gathering and promotion they had ever experienced before. The museum tracked and gathered data on which shows visitors clicked and visited. They monitored how visitors moved around the venue and how often they returned for additional visits. As the visitor moved through the venue, the museum created a custom experience by providing additional pictures and information delivered directly to their phone explaining what they were seeing, some historical background and video downloads.

Another unforeseen benefit was the museum’s ability to eliminate the need for trying to find space to display copious amounts of information in the physical space.

Tracking Customer Movement Feels Creepy

While buyers may be skirmish about giving you such intimate details in person, buyers expect (if not demand) a relevant, valuable experience with your brand and your teams. Providing valuable information based on a user’s social, music and other preferences, age, gender and online or onsite buying patterns could be the make or break between initial and repeat business with you.

There is a world of rich analytics that awaits the marketing team that wants to provide relevant offers – in real time. The rich world of data analytics offers marketing teams the never-before opportunity to customize their offers, campaigns, and messages. IT receives analytics that helps them monitor and moderate device usage across the network. The user receives only the information and offers that matter to them. It’s a win-win for all parties involved.
So, why are more marketing teams and IT professionals not embracing Wi-Fi analytics?

To answer this question, you probably do not have to look any further than the fundamental reasons human beings resist change. According to Organizational Change: 8 Reasons Why People Resist Change, researchers found the most of us will resist making a change because we do not see any rewards or incentive to change. We might fear failure and/or be fear the unknown. More importantly, changing the way you collect data and make decisions often requires upper management support and this alone could be a major reason why many marketing and IT teams simply ignore the rich amount of data available to help them make better decisions that lead to a better customer experience.

Many marketing emails, promotion and offers cast a wide net and often fail to take into consideration the triggers that got your buyer to engage with you initially, thus ignoring a goldmine of data that could potentially increase prospect/customer engagement numbers.

They are not alone. Many IT professionals struggle with large workloads, demanding, real-time technology requests across the organization and a natural aversion to risk. As a result, many IT personnel would rather restrict any type of collection of data and access to the network that could potentially compromise security and possibly result in an attack on the network.Intelligent Wi-Fi

Whatever the reason, change is needed to embrace these types of data collection and campaign tactics to provide a relevant and real-time experience.

What Can I Expect from Intelligent Wi-Fi?

The reality is that today’s buyer demands a relevant and valuable experience when they engage with your brand. Either you will provide this relevant, custom experience or the buyer will seek out other options. If you chose to embrace Intelligent Wi-Fi, you open a new world that allows your marketing team to:

Analyze web analytics for the real physical world

  • Understand how demographics move in your space
  • Measure the dwell time of visitors in your venue
  • Access real-time data at a venue, company or group level
  • Create highly targeted marketing campaigns
  • Create operational efficiencies to save money and boost revenue

If you are interested in helping your marketing teams gather and gain greater insights to create custom campaigns and offers, give us a shout.

Online analytics combined with secure Wi-Fi gives both your marketing and IT teams the data and intelligence they need to provide a more custom experience.

Business Wi-Fi