Complete Managed IT

Managed IT Services

Complete Managed IT Services & Support Available to Any Size Business

Ready to take IT off your plate and to put it in the hands of a trusted, professional IT expert? In addition to all the services you get at the IT Essentials support level, we will proactively manage and monitor your entire system as well as respond to all service tickets, remediation and support desk services at no additional charge. Virtual CIO advising, Technical Alignment Visits with 24x7 support are all apart of the IT Complete managed IT package. Discover an entirely managed IT environment at a low, fixed monthly fee. Here's what's included:


Blue Fox Groups ability to locate, update and monitor your network endpoints for alerts, irregularities, and updates. An RMM agent can be installed on computer equipment, servers, network devices, and even mobile devices, providing:

  • Centralized administration
  • Microsoft security patching and updates
  • Programmed Auto-maintenance on Your Equipment
  • Application, Performance & Hardware Monitoring
  • Remote Support Access
  • Automated Monitoring Alerts: which help
    limit unexpected expenses and time
    troubleshooting unforeseen issues
  • Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, Anti-Phishing


We will provide insight into all of the devices which make up your IT environment, providing status on equipment warranty, end of life and system information designed to help you stay abreast of updates and changes, as they pertain to your technology investment.


We will monitor all of your backup solutions. If you choose to purchase a Blue Fox Group Back-up the solution, issue remediation and disaster recovery are included.


Blue Fox Group fully reviews and documents your environment at the time of onboarding. Our experienced technicians will perform a thorough “discovery” of your environment, noting existing equipment, set up, possible security weak points and other critical items. This information is then documented allowing us to provide technical support as needed.


You will receive 8x5 full support with 24x7 Level Support so that you get the help you need whenever you need it.


Enjoy the benefits of working with an assigned account manager, who can provide a quote assistance, project consulting, periodic CIO reviews that help with long term IT planning and budgeting.

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Managed IT Services

Reduce unpredictable costs. Leverage technology to elevate your IT team to a strategic level of planning and gain the expertise of a dedicated IT team who solves complicated problems every day with a complete managed support package.

Complete Managed IT