Dark Web Monitoring

Are your company's digital credentials being sold on the dark web?

Cybercriminals use the dark web to anonymously and methodically coordinate their attacks, sell stolen digital credentials such as employee emails, user names, account numbers, distribute malware and phishing kits, and share other prebuilt exploits. Blue Fox Group goes behind enemy lines to identify threats at their earliest stages so you can adequately prepare your defenses and thwart cyberattacks.

Client Story: 

"Blue Fox Group helped us gain insight into which of our network and employee credentials are on the dark web, and they provide constant 24x7 monitoring and detection tools that keep a close eye on suspicious behavior that even we would not have detected."

-- Operations Director, Arizona-based Retailer

How it Works

Dark Web Monitoring 

The dark web is a dangerous place. IT is a haven for criminals who want to sell, trade, or share stolen financial and personal information. Dark Web Monitoring combes through the large databases of stolen usernames, passwords, Social Security numbers, and credit card numbers up for sale. Blue Fox Group will continuously monitor the dark web to prevent your most precious data from being sold. 

Wondering if your company and employee information are on the dark web?

Blue Fox Group will conduct a one-time scan for your social security number, email, and phone number on the dark web. If we can find it, so can cybercriminals.

Dark Web Review

The Benefits to You

 Discover If Your Data is For Sale

Cybersecurity doesn't have to be too overwhelming, expensive, or complicated. The first step to protecting your business is understanding your risk. Let us help you discover if your credentials are on the market for sale.

Continuous Situational Awareness

Let Blue Fox Group's Dark security solutions discover hidden vulnerabilities in your environment. Use this insight to perform on-demand threat hunting across the enterprise.

Workflow-Based Incident Response

React to threats at machine speed. When a threat is detected, automated playbooks can drive responses, so your system takes immediate action without requiring human intervention.

Expertise to Fit Your Needs

Our Dark Web identity theft service provides advice about what to do to remedy the problems we find. We offer a variety of options to augment your security services from security reviews and monitoring services to all-in security-as-a-solution services.

Don't let your data be sold on the Dark Web.