Security-as-a-Solution That Every Business Can Afford

Cybercriminals use the dark web to anonymously and methodically coordinate their attacks, sell stolen digital credentials such as employee emails, user names, account numbers, distribute malware and phishing kits, and share other prebuilt exploits. Blue Fox Group goes behind enemy lines to identify threats at their earliest stages so you can adequately prepare your defenses and thwart cyberattacks.

Client Story: 

"The biggest problem in incident response is understanding how the business is using its servers, its data, and who has access."

-- Incident Response panel at SecureWorld Chicago

How it Works

Blue Fox Security Defender

Blue Fox Security Defender brings enterprise-grade cybersecurity to businesses of any size. Our team of experts has combined multiple cutting-edge solutions into a cost-effective package that will protect against the wide spectrum of threats businesses face today. We recognize the market is fragmented, expensive, and complicated, making the critical decision of how to protect against digital threats harder than ever. 

  • Device-level risk scoring to identify gaps and risk
  • AI-powered security alert & detection
  • Real-time post-infection blocking 
  • Enterprise-grade, smart antivirus and zero-threat technology 
  • On-demand security operation center (soc)
  • Security and event management (SEIM) 
  • Remediation to remove and preserve business continuity
  • Security simulations & training for your team

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Bring your business into total compliance and security readiness with Blue Fox Security Defender.

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The Benefits to You

Lower Costs

Lower Costs by reducing out of pocket security software, hardware, and personnel expenses, small-to-large businesses all have access to enterprise-grade security monitoring, detection, prevention, and remediation solution.

Simplify Policy Administration

when you combine the power of SEIM and intelligence reporting into a centralized portal. Cloud-based security-as-a-service delivers significant benefits regarding simplicity and the required level of security to ensure compliance with the appropriate regulations.

Smarter Antivirus & AI Threat Detection

are constantly running in the background, analyzing unusual and often unrecognized behavior. What the human eye could not detect, our smarter security solutions can detect and prevent before they ever happen.

Faster Response Times

can only happen because of round-the-clock network monitoring, and experts available to respond and neutralize threats promptly.  Quick detection, response time, and threat remediation ensure threats and infections are eliminated before they begin or removed quickly.H2- Get an enterprise security solution for less than the cost of an employee.