Planning & Support

Comprehensive Cloud Management for All Business Sizes

Cloud has become the foundation that enables businesses to transform, differentiate, and gain competitive advantage. As companies focus on how ways to improve operations and provide greater flexibility to remote workers, you must be able to manage and maintain cloud applications and infrastructure across multiple platforms.

Blue Fox Group helps businesses of all sizes overcome the complexities of multiple cloud platforms by bringing the strategy, planning, design, and support all under one umbrella. Implement and adopt new cloud technologies that leverage the immense benefits of the cloud without having to manage the complexity.

Client Story: 

"Every business can benefit from a cookbook approach to developing a cloud strategy. CIOs should focus efforts on a living document that connects business strategy to cloud implementation and migration plans."  -- Gartner

"We are thrilled with the work and service the Blue Fox Group team and appreciate your proactive approach to our technology infrastructure." -- IT Director, Foumberg Juneja & Rocher Tax Services 

How it Works

Cloud Planning & Strategy

Blue Fox Group works with your team, identifies, defines and builds a cloud roadmap that provides clarity to what should be in the cloud, how and when to move specific parts of your network to the cloud and how to manage those functions in the cloud for peak performance and maximum team efficiencies. 

Immediate advantages of working with Blue Fox Group Cloud Services include:

  • Build a comprehensive and maintainable cloud roadmap 
  • Account for all technology on various cloud platforms across the network
  • Plan and budget for future cloud upgrades and needs
  • Simplify cloud challenges and security errors that occur during cloud implementation
  • Equip your team with advanced and flexible technology to collaborate and succeed both in the office and remotely 
  • Experience exceptional cloud performance and speeds
  • Do things you never thought you could do in the cloud!

Don’t wind up trying to manage the cloud alone.

Gain the expertise of a dedicated IT cloud expert that simplifies, plans, and implements complex cloud strategies every day.

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The Benefits to You

Virtual CIO & Management Services

Gain the expertise of a Virtual CIO who will help you plan and budget cloud needs for the future. Our Account Managers will help you build a cloud roadmap that aligns with your business goals. Technical Alignment Visits and Business Reviews are just a couple of our services that ensure you are utilizing your technology to your competitive and operational advantage

Simplified Cloud Design Amid Complexity

Implementing a coherent cloud design requires a well-defined, systematic approach to figuring out what you need a cloud platform to do and then matching tools to meet these requirements. The aim is to minimize complexity while exceeding your ability to meet business goals.

Comprehensive Cloud Roadmap

A cloud strategy can help you increase productivity, reduce costs, and ensure your cloud apps and infrastructure can support your business goals and objectives. Building a cloud roadmap allows you to plan, budget, and spend only for what you need. We will bring best practices and expertise to ensure your cloud strategy supports you.

On-Going Cloud Support

We manage and support cloud apps, infrastructure, and architecture, so you get the most of your cloud-based technology. When issues arise, you need comprehensive cloud support services that you can count on to ensure problems are resolved quickly and seamlessly – and we are here to help.

Don't try and figure out the cloud alone. Work with a team that understands the complexities and can simplify it for you.