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 SD-WAN that Powers Superior Cloud Performance

While the cloud is attractive to small-to-medium sized businesses due to its incredible flexibility to add and subtract users, provide instant access from any location, and to be priced in small monthly increments, the cloud does not come without its own set of issues. Slow internet performance accompanies the cloud. If a business does not have the ability to monitor cloud traffic and prioritize the right applications, the internet will, at some point, experience latency and slow performance. SD-WAN recognizes certain types of traffic and provides a controlled path on public internet circuits. It ensures that your most important applications perform at top speeds.

Client Story: 

“This is hands-down the best hardware investment we have made on the cloud. SD-WAN has been a real lifesaver.”

-- M. Durith, Tech Coordinator at West Academy


There’s a lot of traffic on a cloud network. Making sure the right applications and resources are provisioned with the most optimal speeds is an essential function of making the cloud perform at its best. Here is a quick list of benefits to both your network and business voice resources:

  • Enhanced acceleration of other cloud-based applications
  • Improve speed and experience of access with remote desktop users 
  • Enhance your voice quality for clear and consistent calls over the internet 
  • Redundancy with real-time failover without dropping calls or connections

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Benefits of SD-WAN on Your Cloud Performance

Greater Web Performance; Faster Speeds

The cloud is fast and efficient, albeit unreliable at times. But with SD-WAN, redundancy and back-up become baked into cloud applications with data sitting in multiple data centers. SD-WAN ensures the cloud applications running on local internet circuits are fast and reliable while also minimizing latency.

Reduced Cost

This is a huge benefit for SD-WAN. From a cost perspective, SD-WAN can be up to 50% less expensive than the MPLS circuits and provide the same, if not better, cloud traffic designation. Today’s SD-WAN gives businesses a secure, fast, and reliable way to maintain QoS over the cloud with the expensive price tag associated with MPLS.

No Dropped Calls

Ideally, you’d never have to use this benefit, but with so many mission-critical applications moving to the cloud, you can’t afford outages. Many SD-WAN solutions can detect disruptions on links and failover within a few seconds. SD-WAN saves you from waiting while your disrupted systems communicate with carriers to regain connectivity by intelligently rerouting traffic to a stable connection.

Dependable Quality of Service

SD-WAN solutions identify high-priority traffic, routing packets to real-time applications like VoIP, and video from less-critical traffic. Before transmitting across connections, SD-WAN technology injects unique markers into packets to indicate a priority level. When high-priority markers are spotted amongst the traffic flow, they’re routed ahead to perform better.

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