Cloud Infrastructure

The Cost-Effective, Hyper Efficient Way to Manage Your IT Environment

Managing physical servers, devices, and equipment can be costly. Traditional infrastructure has typically required large out of pocket costs with constant maintenance and updates.

Cloud infrastructure provides an ideal alternative to the physical infrastructure environment enabling IT to access compute resources that can be added in minutes, enabling you to spread workloads across the entire network stack.

Client Story: 

"We believe we're moving out of the Ice Age, the Iron Age, the Industrial Age, the Information Age, to the participation age. We build the infrastructure that goes in the data center that facilitates the participation age. It has security, directory, identity, privacy, storage, compute, the whole Web services stack."

-- Scott McNealy, former CEO, Sun Microsystems

 A Better Way to Manage Your IT Environment

  • Pay only for the resources you use
  • Scale server resources up or down on the spot including server and cloud performance
  • Reduces the number of physical servers you must have on-premises
  • Experience constant availability and high uptime 
  • Faster cloud performance thanks to loading balancing across multiple server environments
  • Simple dashboard management from one pane of glass   
  • Automatic upgrades and updates 

Cloud Infrastructure Made Easy

If you’re not satisfied with the performance and stability of your current infrastructure and you’re looking for ways to improve it, our experienced consultants can help you identify performance bottlenecks and suggest stability and performance improvements.

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The Benefits to You

Greater Flexibility in Real-Time

Cloud computing offers a variety of benefits from cost, increased uptime, and simplified backup and restore. Whether you are wanting to avoid large out of pocket upgrade expenses or wanting to move a running virtual machine from one host to another without suffering downtime, cloud infrastructure is the way to go. 

Cloud Desktop Offers a Better User Experience 

The anywhere, anytime, anyhow nature of the service allows your employees to access their desktops over the internet via PC, laptop, tablet, and even smartphone, giving them unprecedented freedom and flexibility. Desktop as a Service puts an end to the cycle of investment in desktop hardware, servers, and licensing, with funds no longer leeching away into depreciating assets but available for more added-value initiatives.

Back-up at the Speed of Business

Cloud Back-up offers greater availability and easier recovery in case of disaster. Because of its affordable price point, SMBs can get an offsite solution that automatically backs up all data. The storage and security of a cloud backup solution are simple, and the data is available anytime and anywhere.


Simple Cloud Management Dashboards

In the past, cloud servers and equipment were difficult to manage, and it required technical expertise to manage and scale your server effectively. But, with today’s cloud architecture, you can easily keep track of your network and scale it on demand via an intuitive dashboard. You no longer need to have a technical background just to run your cloud server.

Let cloud infrastructure radically change the way you buy, provision, and manage your IT.