Consider It Solved

Simple Projects

Blue Fox Group helps you reduce the complexity and confusion around projects your team works on only occasionally and the projects that require a complete rip and replace. You need your systems to be secure, dependable and compliant. At Blue Fox Group, we strive to help IT and non-IT staff simplify any type of project that will make you more efficient, productive and increase user adoption. When you work with the Blue Fox team, you can “consider it solved.”

Simple Projects or One-off Projects

allows you to reduce distractions and prioritize the work that matters most.

Simple projects are a part of our everyday workload, and while simple jobs are straightforward and easy to coordinate, they still take time, require additional research and demand human resources to complete. Blue Fox Group helps both IT departments and non-IT staff tackle the simple projects that seem simple when you try to implement, but can take valuable time, resources and mind-share.

Not a Simple Project?
Simple or One-off Projects that You Might Consider Outsourcing to Blue Fox Group:
  • Network Security
  • PCI Compliance
  • O365 installation
  • Network upgrades
  • Managing Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware and Windows Updates
  • Adding/Changing Hardware Replacement & Configuration
  • Server Replacement
  • Low Voltage Cabling & Fiber
  • Carrier Services
  • Analytics Tracking Software
  • Surveillance & Security Monitoring
  • Security Door Access
  • Wifi Updates to Increase Internet speeds
  • Implementing a Cloud-based Phone System
Let us help you tackle the simple projects that keep your team from being strategic.