Protect and Secure

Blue Fox draws upon its deep IT understanding to protect your business from preventable and costly dangers. Whether securing your company’s wifi or installing cloud-based surveillance systems, we seamlessly integrate security technologies into your IT infrastructure to provide long-term protection.



Surveillance systems are a necessity for today’s risk-laden environment. Security cameras don’t just help you avoid theft and the legal accusations that drain organizational resources; they also provide peace of mind that comes from knowing your property and employees are safe. Our IP technology cameras are different from your typical analog cameras and provide high-definition resolution and DVR-like quality footage that gives you the clearest picture of your current business operations. With Blue Fox, you can choose to automatically store your video footage when you integrate these IP-based surveillance systems into the cloud. You’ll also gain mobility—just pick up your smartphone or tablet to monitor your business anywhere, anytime.


Access Control Center

With our 24/7 help desk, you’ll never have to wait for your A properly functioning access control center allows you to determine who in your organization can access your IT systems. The last thing you want is the wrong person using technological loopholes to exploit sensitive business information. Blue Fox works with you to create a virtual gate so only those with clearance can enter your IT systems effortlessly and those without clearance will be blocked. Learn how Blue Fox can implement security solutions that protect your business from preventable and costly dangers.

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