Blue Fox Group Helps Companies Transition From Old Phone Systems

The Blue Fox Media Press
The Blue Fox Media Press
Blue Fox Group Helps Companies Transition From Old Phone Systems

That Hindered Remote Worker Performance

Leading MTSP’s Cloud Voice Solution Maximizes Communication and Productivity of Remote Workers

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – August 4, 2020 - Blue Fox Group, a leading managed technology services provider (MTSP), announced today that the company is helping small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) transition from outdated phone systems that hindered remote worker performance to cloud voice. Many companies that went remote during the pandemic experienced significant issues in communication because of the lack of flexibility and technology of their old phone systems causing communication challenges between employees and customers. Blue Fox Group has come to the rescue of many businesses with its cloud voice solution and the immediate result was higher remote worker productivity and increased customer satisfaction.

Antiquated business phones lack most of today’s technology and going remote was very challenging. Cloud voice systems offer advanced security and telephony features such as mobility, presence management, instant messaging, video calling and unified communications. With more people staying home permanently and more hybrid workers (remote/on-premises), the demand for Blue Fox Group’s cloud voice has skyrocketed.

In order for organizations to communicate effectively, business owners need to update their technology within their organizations to facilitate a hybrid remote working environment for the foreseeable future. Many businesses are investing in cloud voice as an essential technology to keep their teams collaborating effectively. Cloud voice gives visibility to all employees as to what everyone is doing at all times and the many modes of communication at their fingertips like IM, video, and find me follow. All features that benefit permanent remote employees as well as those that are hybrid.

There are a couple of key reasons why we’re seeing so much interest in cloud voice,” stated Mike Lindsley, Owner of Blue Fox Group. “Presence, scalability, and seamless integration are all vital for where we’re headed. Business owners and managers need to be able to know where everyone is located, since now more than ever, you have some people rotating through the office while others are remote, at any moment

Cloud voice’s scalability and seamless integration are critical. While many businesses are unsure how they will need to adjust staffing in the coming months, cloud voice presents an ideal solution because since it’s hosted in the cloud, it can be scaled up or down based on the month-to-month needs of the business.

Perhaps, the last key factor that explains the technology’s recent growth is its ease of integration. For example, many cloud voice solutions also come with a “simultaneous ring” feature that simultaneously rings an employee’s cell phone, office phone, and if desired, home phone, as well. This reduces customer wait time and increases their satisfaction because they can connect more immediately with customer service or other personnel.

As this new workspace continues to unfold, SMBs must continue positioning themselves for success by integrating the proper technology into their business.

“The pandemic is highlighting existing communication problems within any office. They’ve always been there but now they’re finally visible, which is a good thing because companies can adjust and with our assistance rapidly deploy it,” commented Lindsley.

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