5 Ways Managed IT Services Could be a Game Changer for Your Business

The Blue Fox Media Press
The Blue Fox Media Press
5 Ways Managed IT Services Could be a Game Changer for Your Business

The last time your company email server started responding slowly, what did you do? If you have an internal IT department, you probably put in a call or went across the hall to find someone to take a look, at which point there wasn’t much you could do besides wait for the problem to be identified and fixed. If you outsource your IT services, it could take even longer for you to get a solution in place.

Managed IT services could not only turn that waiting time into productive hours, it could prevent issues like this from ever happening. Keep reading for five ways that managed IT services could improve your company’s performance and its bottom line.

1. Zeroing in on Reliability

No matter what industry you’re in, your company depends on its IT infrastructure. If you can’t make phone calls or send emails, you’re in trouble. This dependence on IT means that when some piece of your system if unreliable, it costs a lot in productive hours and even customers.

A managed service provider can help to make your systems more reliable. By performing regular maintenance and system checks, managed IT can identify potential problems before they come to a head and cause outages of losses. When your IT system is more reliable, your company is more reliable and more productive, and your customers will notice.

2. Improving Efficiency

At the same time that managed IT services are making your systems more reliable, they are also improving the overall efficiency of your business. In a company where “break/fix” is still the IT process in place, there is a lot of waiting and patchwork solutions involved just to get things up and running again. If there is a problem with any of your managed services, you can be sure that it will be fixed quickly, and that steps will be taken to ensure the same problem does not happen again.

3. Cost Savings

As your company grows and its IT needs to expand, so does your need for IT support. However, adding more internal staff is not always a possibility because of just how much new staff can cost. Furthermore, it is easy for your IT needs to grow beyond what your current staff can support, but not so much as to justify new personnel, leaving you in an impossible situation.

Managed IT services can help you to alleviate the pressure that exists on your overworked IT team while ensuring that all your network and application needs are still being met.

4. Taking Security Seriously

With data breaches hitting huge brands what seems like every day, IT security is a top concern across the business world. It may seem that allowing an outside company to control any aspect of your IT systems would be a security risk, but the fact is that many security breaches occur because of internal team error. When a company brings in an MSP, they are investing in IT professionals who are trained in security compliance measures and who can constantly be monitoring for any potential issues. Improved security can certainly be an asset for any company who deals with customer data, or who wants to protect their own information.

5. Elevating the Role of Internal IT

Perhaps one of the most important things that managed IT services can do for your business is to help your IT team, and that should go without saying. But taking important but time-consuming tasks like network monitoring off your IT professionals’ plates can have a huge impact, and not because your IT team can spend more time on the beach. In reality, with more time to focus on core business issues, it is possible to bring your internal IT department into the strategic fold, which will let your company innovate in how it uses technology, improve efficiency throughout the business, and ultimately thrive.