Blue Fox & Forward Tilt Team Up to Bring Technology Innovation & Office Design to Attract & Inspire the Upcoming Workforce

The Blue Fox Media Press
The Blue Fox Media Press
Blue Fox & Forward Tilt Team Up to Bring Technology Innovation & Office Design to Attract & Inspire the Upcoming Workforce

It’s estimated that a $50k employee will cost small businesses $20,731.34 to hire and onboard a replacement while finding the right talent for a mid-managerial role begins at 20% of the base salary. Finding and keeping quality team players comes at a high price to small-to-medium business. Two elements impact employee satisfaction and performance more than anything else beyond your internal vision and leadership: Technology & Environment.

Environment plays a role in shaping an employee’s satisfaction, sense of loyalty and behavior. Motivated employees are beneficial for organizations as they lead to increased profitability. The modern workspace streamlines the obstacles that allow remote employees to plug in and work from different locations and bring together teams which use advanced collaboration and technology tools to bridge the geographical distance through video conferencing, file sharing and instant messaging within a secure environment. The modern office marries all elements of innovation, creativity, and collaboration that reduce employee turn-over and downtime while increasing employee productivity and job satisfaction.

This is why Blue Fox Group & Forward Tilt paired up to present the Modern office by combining the best of modern office design combined with the latest technology innovation to help businesses consider new ways to inspire and motivate employees to perform at their best.

Modern Office Happy Hour

During the event, Blue Fox Group featured the best in Technology, Cloud, Security and business voice innovation.

Tours of the Forward Tilt showroom helped employers expand their imagination on how to utilize and develop the work environment to fit the different ages and work-styles of today’s employee.

If you are a business who wants to attract top quality talent from by providing best in breed technology collaboration and communication tools to your team with the innovative office design to inspire and innovate your workforce, the Blue Fox team is a call away. Set up a time to discuss your unique needs. Blue Fox Group specializes in network, security, communication and infrastructure cabling and design.

Let us help you advance your modern workplace.

About Blue Fox Group:

Blue Fox Group provides comprehensive IT technology services around the design, management, and support of your entire network, infrastructure and communication both on-site or “as a service.” We provide Arizona businesses with reliable, proactive, and innovative IT solutions that simplify projects, streamline operations, and allow you to focus on what matters most—growing your company. For more information, contact 480.941.8280 or visit

About forwarding Tilt:

Forward Tilt offers workspace solutions that are not only visually stunning but will meet your day to day requirements and budget. They are designed to inspire your staff and impress your clients, showcase your culture and support your brand. It’s our job to listen to you, your architect, and designer, to help create spaces to match your vision, timeline, and budget.  For more information, contact Ron DeAgostine at [email protected]