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Cyber Security


Never before has there ever been a more opportune time to leverage technology for greater efficiencies and productivity in the workplace. But with the high-speed adoption of technology into every aspect of your business comes the threat of cyber-attacks which can impact the integrity and availability of your information. Security is no longer a soiled part of your IT strategy. It needs to be a part of your business plan and Blue Fox Defender is here to help.

Blue Fox Defender takes a 3-step approach to your security to ensure your data is safe:

Step 1: PROFILE & PROTECTOffice 365 Security

You don’t know your weakest link until you find and eliminate the areas of vulnerability. Profile and Protect builds & targets profiles built for specific threat vectors, including phishing & ransomware, insider threat, external threat, and top exploits.

This important step allows us to help you determine exactly what types of threats you are most vulnerable to and to map to specific threat types in order to define proper security strategies specifically tailored just for your organization.

  • Vulnerability Identification

    Identify specific gaps in protection on any endpoint to identify potential vulnerabilities and take corrective action where needed.
  • Risk Scoring and Alert Threshold

    A risk score is provided on a per device basis allowing us to identify any gaps in protection that might impact the threats you’re trying to protect against.
  • Baseline Security & Monitoring

    Baseline security assessments and analyses are conducted with continuous monitoring and recommendations to ensure you are always guarded against threats.
  • Secure Anywhere DNS

    Powerful DNS protection with advanced URL reporting provides complete endpoint protection through DNS.
  • Security Awareness Training

    Phishing simulations and web-based training is available to educate your team security protection and to create a culture of security protection
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Detect and Respond provides advanced endpoint threat management, 24x7 security monitoring (SOC) and remediation services to stop active threats and minimize harm - all backed by a $1m ransomware warranty. This program monitors for indicators of compromise separate false positives from actual malicious events and drives remediation actions to prevent harm and reduce ‘dwell time’ from months to minutes. Powered by Sentinel One, Detect and Respond - Endpoint builds on foundation security to rapidly identify and halt even the most sophisticated attacks, minimizing harm and reducing risk to client endpoints.

  • Threat Monitoring and Analysis

    Using attack forensics and intelligent automation we are able to identify advanced malware, exploits, and script-based stealth attacks.
  • Threat Detection & Remediation by our SOC

    Our security monitoring center is always watching for malicious attacks in progress and, when discovered, will activate remediation steps including scrubbing the system of any remnants of an attack on your behalf. In more extreme cases such as ransomware, our SOC team will roll back the system to restore the system and data access to minimize disruption and keep your team working.

Cyber Security


Our complete Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) services coupled with our real-time alerting, network log and activity monitoring through our SOC support gives you to the know-how and ability to demonstrate compliance with 23 regulatory standards including HIPAA, PCI, and GLBA. Detect and Respond allow you to:

  • Leverage industry-leading SIEM technology

    To collect, analyze and correlate information from network devices, endpoint logs and threat intelligence feeds. This information is used to identify security incidents, policy violations, fraudulent activity, and other threats— so that if a threat is detected, we can take action to mitigate the attack while providing you with advanced remediation documentation and recommended next steps.
  • Effectively meet regulatory compliance

    While we protect your data across endpoints and networks to ensure you meet the support regulatory requirements through a fully integrated range of response and remediation capabilities, keeping your environments and data safe and available 24x7.
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An all-inclusive security program designed to ensure your data, your business and your network are always defended against evolving security threats.

Blue Fox Cyber Security Defender