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IT Solutions That Keep Your Business Running

A stable IT infrastructure is vital to smooth business operations. When you partner with Blue Fox, we’ll help you meet your business’s technological demands when we architect an effective network and manage your IT remotely. And you benefit from our ability to provide nationwide on-site support, if needed.

When IT just works 

What if you could plan on reliable IT performance at a predictable cost? Truth is, you can.

Assessing your current IT environment and building a predictable IT plan does not have to be difficult, but it does require some work up front.

Technology is always changing. Security threats are ever looming. Easy-to-use technology is what your employees and your customers demand from you.

Blue Fox Group has worked with hundreds of local businesses to help them assess their the upcoming goals/needs against their existing IT environment and internal dependencies to establish a predictable, affordable and high performing IT environment that meets everyone’s demands.

Plan now. Save Now (and Later). Leverage IT.

  Predictable IT Review


With Blue Fox, you don’t need your own IT department. Our IT team works to protect, maintain, prevent and optimize any issues on your network remotely to prevent problems before they ever occur.

24/7 Help Desk


With our 24/7 help desk, you’ll never have to wait for your IT emergencies to be addressed. 24/7 help means we answer the phone at any hour to help troubleshoot your smallest or biggest IT problems. Call us first.

Network Design


Blue Fox is experienced with architecting the best network for your business. In addition to performing IT audits, and managing your entire IT environment, we also we also conduct software installations, integrations, and back-ups when you need them.

Hardware Services


Install hardware that supports your current connectivity needs while allowing room for future growth. Blue Fox will remove ineffective hardware and replace it with hardware that provides a long-term solution for your business. You’ll find us adept at locating the best hardware at the best price.

Onsite Support


Blue Fox understands that not every IT problem can or should be handled remotely. When you do need on-site support, you’ll get it. Our vast network of technicians and professionals allows us to provide you with superior IT support on location.

24/7 Help Desk


With our 24/7 help desk, you’ll never have to wait for your IT emergencies to be addressed. When you become part of the Blue Fox family, you gain a team who understands that, when you experience IT problems, you need help, and you need it fast. You’ll get the help you need to keep your business operations running smoothly and revenue flowing in.

Cloud and Virtualization


After assessing your unique IT situation, Blue Fox can pinpoint where a cloud-based technology will help streamline your business operations and provide a more secure and economical cloud option. No matter your need—whether it’s cloud-based phones, IT or security—we work with you to ensure a smooth transition.

Business Continuity


When a technology crisis erupts, businesses stand to lose more than just time. At Blue Fox, we help businesses understand the necessity of continuity planning so that your businesses can weather any type of disruption: both natural and human. Learn More.

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