5 Ways VoIP Can Benefit Your Business

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5 Ways VoIP Can Benefit Your Business

The recent past has witnessed a tremendous shift in the approach to communication from traditional on the desk telephones to mobile phones and smartphones.

This is why the transition from services such as Private Branch Exchange (PBX) to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is also now a reality. 

VoIP is a more advanced development as compared to PBX because it uses the Internet to make calls. 

Businesses once solely relied on traditional phones for making and receiving calls. 

However, this approach required time-consuming installation and high infrastructure investments. 

The advent of VoIP turned tables on traditional phones, especially in the business sector. 

VoIP is rampantly being adopted globally, and a sudden hike in adoption rates recorded in 2015 is noteworthy in the history of VoIP, as per Axvoice Research.

voip subscribers  usa

Source: Axvoice Research 

What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol is abbreviated VoIP and is named so as it makes use of a user's internet connection as a medium of communication. 

It’s a combination of hardware and software that enables calls by sending voice data in packets with the help of IP instead of traditional circuit transmissions of the PSTN. 

Thus, an internet connection plays a vital role in the smooth functioning of VoIP. 

5 Advantages of Using VoIP

1. Easy Installation Process

This is one of the major factors differentiating VoIP from traditional telephone systems.

Installing an IP phone system is considerably easier than the traditional PBX installations of the past.

It is extremely convenient and saves ample time. 

You don’t have to wait for a technician to wire up the system to your office to have this system installed. 

The system can be set up in no time. 

Not only is the installation of VoIP easy, but it’s also easy to maintain and update. 

You can easily add, change or move the system's configuration.

Voip pbx Business Phone System

2. Lowers Costs

Traditional systems required more cash layout initially than VoIP, thus resorting to the latter can save you money. 

VoIP systems are associated with low initial setup and ongoing costs as it relies on the Internet connection. 

Thus, when you receive your phone bill, it’s an all-in-one bill for your account, phone, and internet.

Guess why else VoIP helps you save costs?

Calls from one PC to another over the internet are free of cost. 

The only cost you’d have to pay is from PC to landline, which is also quite low in comparison with traditional phone lines.

3. Flexibility

VoIP system enables businesses to add an unlimited number of phones, unlike PBX that only allows those based on the number of lines available within the system. 

The only limitation a VoIP network can face is that of bandwidth, thus providing you with the benefit of adding as many as ten thousand connections.

Businesses start off on a small scale, and most have high chances of shooting up to a large-scale company sooner or later. 

Thus, the company that once required as few as ten phones might end up requiring hundreds of phones within a year. 

VoIP allows a business to add a new line with the addition of a new employee, and also allows removing or reassigning the line in case the employee resigns.

invoxia Voice Bridge Landline Mobile

Source: https://www.amazon.co.uk/invoxia-Voice-Bridge-Landline-Mobile/dp/B00VEJBKJQ 

4. Accessibility 

VoIP phone system benefits your business in a way that traditional systems never can since they enable easy accessibility from anywhere and at any time. 

You can communicate with your clients from across the globe without any inconvenience as long as you and the client have strong internet connections.  

VoIP is extremely beneficial for people with on-the-move job profiles and freelancers who work internationally. 

Simply singing into a broadband connection will help you remain connected to the world while on the go. 

And nothing, but VoIP can make this happen!

5. Easy Integration with Other Systems 

VoIP is an internet-based system, can be integrated with various business applications for convenient everyday use. 

Once you’ve adopted VoIP services, you’ll realize that you can do so much more. 

For instance, you can either place outbound calls through Outlook or other email clients or look up a customer record using inbound calls.

Those who work remotely or travel a lot can certainly benefit from the voice mail account services through VoIP.

It’s also no surprise that some hosted VoIP services provide you with voicemail transcriptions. 

This is a tool that converts voicemails into text for enhanced convenience. 

You never know when you might want to revisit the message sent by someone. 

This avoids the need for taking down important notes as you’ve got everything written down already. 

Given these advantages of VoIP phone systems, it only makes sense for any business to adopt this service to progress with time. 

Help your business save on costs as well as time spent in installation and maintenance of phone systems. 

If you haven’t switched to VoIP yet and you are considering buying a used phone system, then you should get expert advice.

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