5 Signs It’s Time to Break Up With Your Cloud Company

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5 Signs It’s Time to Break Up With Your Cloud Company

You just can’t get over the fact that they did that. Like, you totally don’t believe it. Becuase. Like. Seriously. Who does that?

But, you think, I’m so totally loyal to them. Like, 100%. You know?

And that’s probably where the problem really lies. But you’re just so used to lying to yourself by now that you still believe you love them.

That’s the thing about a cloud company, isn’t it? You just can’t seem to let go sometimes.

Well, I’m here to help you, like, totally get over them.

Because I’ve got five reasons why you should most definitely break up with your cloud company. And they’re pretty stinkin’ good ones.

1. Your Cloud Company Won’t Put A Ring On It

Their fear of commitment means something isn’t working down where it counts. That’s right. I said it. Sure, every company has the right to not sign a contract.

But a cloud communications provider that doesn’t want to actually get in bed with you is probably hiding something.

You want them to sign a Service Level Agreement. Don’t budge on that.

Don’t let them just “want to move in” and “try things out for a while before committing.”

Cloud services is a two-way street. You want to know that your hard earned dollar is going to produce quality service.

2. They Give You Excuse After Excuse After Excuse

You’ve heard them all. “I was up late last night studying.” “That’s just makeup from drama class.”

Then it turns into. “VoIP isn’t supposed to be clear enough to hear a pin drop.” “We can’t perform because….Russia?” “It was North Korea.”

Even the best cloud services have outages at times. But that’s part of being a young and inexperienced field of computing. But there is no reason to be dishonest about things.

Your cloud company should be upfront and honest with you about how often service outages happen on their watch. If they aren’t, you can’t plan for contingencies.

And if you can’t plan for contingencies, your business suffers.

Don’t let yourself be duped by lame excuses. Drop their butts on the curb and find someone who will treat you right the first time.

3. You’re Feeling Ignored

They pulled all the stops out when they were wooing you.

“You’re our best customer.” “Here’s all this free data storage and bandwidth.” “Service? We’re up all hours to talk to you!”

Now you call and they don’t even pick up the phone. You start wondering what your cloud company is doing without you.

Things are starting to fall apart on your end, and they probably don’t even care.

This is a sure sign you’ve signed up with a bad company. I mean, think about it.

A communications company not communicating. How ridiculous can it get?

They probably are thinking this. There are plenty of fish in the sea. You are only one company out all the companies that use cloud services (95% of all companies use cloud services).

They really do think they have you hooked for a long time.

Even though their service is a critical component of your business. Loads of other cloud services exist.

They are playing it too close to the edge in my opinion. They risk losing so much.

You, on the other hand, have nothing to lose by dumping them. In fact, the cloud computing market is growing faster than almost any other sector.

This is great news for you. Sure, they have plenty of fish in their barrel, but you’ve got a real sea of opportunity out there.

Why limit yourself to just one cloud company? If there’s no ring on that finger, you’re completely free to test out the waters.

4. They Don’t Give You Space

The walls are crowding in. The party is getting way too full. You just want to go to where there’s more room.

But they say, “let’s go to my room first.” Yet all you need is more free space.

And you don’t want to give in and pay anything more. You’ve already given more than you should.

It’s cost you a lot just to get where you are. And you don’t want to be pushed into doing anything you hadn’t planned on doing.

That’s how some cloud companies act. Like your money is already theirs.

Like they hold all the keys to your heart…or storage, actually. And, while they kind of does, you’re the one giving them something they want. And that’s your money.

In essence, if you’re letting them dictate your space and storage terms, it might be time to find love elsewhere.

Your business needs space to store files. And if they aren’t willing to give you a full package up front, be wary.

Another sign that they are not the right fit is if they’re completely stingy with their space. It’s a really bad sign when a company starts telling you to delete files instead of offering you options to upgrade storage.

It probably means they underestimated their server abilities and took on too many clients.

You don’t want to be somebody’s baggage. And if they’re too dishonest to tell you they messed up. You don’t want to be with that cloud company anyway.

5. They Don’t Want To Get a Dog (And Call It Unified Communications)

“Fine”, you think. If they can’t fully commit, maybe we can get a dog together. That will upgrade our relationship.

But then it turns to all-out warfare. “Who is going to take care of the dog? Take it on walks. Train it. Oh, right, we’re supposed to do that, huh? Well, if it’s so much work, we’re not getting one.”

And, sometimes that’s how cloud computing companies act when you suggest they expand their services.

Nevermind that you’re their biggest multi-million dollar company. They don’t want to put in the time and research to give you things like unified communication, or cloud-based collaboration for your new call center.

They just can’t be bothered.

Which is why you need to realize that there are actually companies out there that offer the services you’re looking for.


You shouldn’t settle for the third rate jerk from down the street. You deserve a cloud company that values every aspect of your business.

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