Small Business Scaling: Here’s What You Need to Automate

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Small Business Scaling: Here’s What You Need to Automate

If you’re thinking about the scalability of your business, congratulations!

Whenever small business scaling comes into the picture, you know that you’ve done your part helping your business succeed. Big growth is really happening.

But this also means that the processes need to be reevaluated.

It can become a hassle to stick to those tried-and-true methods. Are you still using your small IT team to handle all your support needs?

As your business grows, you may end up spending more money to stick to what you did as a small company.

Start thinking now about what you’ll need to automate. You need to get your business gears running smoothly to scale larger.

Blue Fox Group is here to offer you those supportive services. We want you to dedicate all your time and energy into your products and services to keep growing.

You’ve done all the hard work, now let us help bring you the peace of mind knowing you have a team monitoring and working with your network 24/7– at a lower price.

We keep our blog updated regularly with the latest information that can help you run your company better, and with insider information that you’ll need to know as technology develops.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide of what you’ll need to automate when looking at small business scaling and making things work for you.

Why Should You be Thinking About Scalability?

Whenever a business is started, the goal is to always have it grow enough to be recognized or considered successful. Otherwise, we wouldn’t invest so much time in our business idea!

Scalability should always be a thought for any business owner and it requires you to think about how your business could work when it grows.

This means that you’ll need to think about the way your products and services are created! Can you keep doing what you’re doing when more customers are interested?

You’ll want to be thinking about your team too. Do you think the way you have employees broken up will keep working? Will each team or department be able to do their work as the load increases?

If any of these points are questionable, you’ll want to take a hard look at how your small business scaling will work out.

Small Business Scaling: What you’ll Need to Automate

Blue Fox Group knows figuring out what you need to be doing can be tough.

So we’ve put together this guide of a few things you’ll want to consider automating as your company grows!

Packing and Shipping

If you’re a small business looking at scaling to a much larger size, you’ll want to start thinking about the way your product gets out there.

When businesses are small, packing and shipping can be pretty simple. Some businesses start out of homes and shipping can start from here too!

But when you grow into a company with a larger customer base, you will want to think about automating your packing and shipping process.

This can begin with you browsing through third-party logistics companies and seeing what they can offer. 3PL’s can take the packing and shipping process out of your hands to make sure everything is routed and delivered in time.

The best part? That concern and manpower is off your plate! You can focus much-needed time on other aspects of your business that can actively add to growth.


If you’re trying to reach your audience, it may be an obvious choice for you to go ahead and do this through marketing and social media.

As your business is starting, this hands-on approach is perfect. You can create a personality and quick response system for your platforms to chat with customers.

But as your business grows, marketing needs to become more strategic. You’ll want your social media and other campaigns to be carefully planned to get the most returns.

Unfortunately, this process can eat up a lot of time if you’re doing it on your own. That’s why automating your marketing your campaigns through another professional company could be your best bet.

It’s a fact that good marketing can help businesses grow, especially smaller ones! To best attack this aspect of your business, let the professionals handle it so that your team can take a step back to work on product lines and services.

Security Functions

When you’re working with customers, it’s a reality that sensitive information will be used.

Sometimes this means credit cards, emails, home addresses, phone numbers, or even social security numbers!

Initially, it can seem easy to work on your own security and data backup to make sure this information stays safe and usable when needed. However, when your business grows it can be opened up to breaches in security.

How do you help prevent this? You can outsource your network security solutions to make sure that a professional team is working 24/7 on your behalf to keep your information safe.

Phone Systems

One of the biggest problems with small business scaling is changing your phone systems when it’s necessary.

Make sure that what you’re using is scalable and reliable– and that it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

What you’re using now may work, but what happens when you need to add in hours of conference calling and 30 extra lines?

Streamline your business phone system so that your IT system really works for your specific needs with high-tech features.

We’ve written about what it takes to avoid buyers remorse with your business phone, and it’s definitely a recommended read.

But the bottom line is this: make sure that small business scaling is something you invest time in thinking about. Choose to work with companies that have your best interest at heart if you want to keep succeeding.

If you want to work with a great company invested in helping you implement the best IT services around, Blue Fox Group offers great packages that can really take your business to a higher tier of service! Contact us whenever you’re ready.