Phone System Solutions for Small Business: “Should I Buy a Used System?”

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Phone System Solutions for Small Business: “Should I Buy a Used System?”

It’s not uncommon to hear about companies who are buying used equipment to cut down their operating costs. There can be significant cost savings when it comes to making due with something borrowed. So, you may begin to think about using that same logic with buying a used phone system solution for your small business?

The phone price isn’t the only factor to analyze when you’re choosing a business phone solution. It’s hard to deny that the lower price tag of a used phone being very attractive, especially since the hardware installation, required IT investment, and on-going maintenance of a traditional PBX system can be daunting. Because of this, many small business owners that are looking to save money may start to browse online for a used phone system. However, the costly risks of buying a used phone may not be worth the savings.

Keep reading to see why the best solution may be a new cloud-based phone solution.

What Technical Support do you Have?

If your office buys a used phone from a third-party on a website like Craigslist or eBay, there is a chance you will be without a warranty. How will you set the system up? Do you have the capability to program a phone correctly? In the inevitable event that the system breaks or requires maintenance, there’s a pretty good chance you will be buying a new phone all over again due to a lack of technical support.

Thinking ahead, with a used phone system have you thought about how it will impact your ability to scale? What if you need to add lines and extensions for new employees? If you’ve bought a new phone, like a VoIP option, it’s easy to add lines and avoid the pitfalls a used phone brings. Finding technology you will need to scale that is the same as the used system you bought – it will likely be challenging and time-consuming. When a new employee arrives, you may find the used technology doesn’t sync up, and you’re once again trying to piece together your technologies in order to accommodate your dated system.

What Functionality Does it Offer?

Technology is always changing, and in order to stay competitive, your business needs features that enable remote workers and effective team productivity. When looking at a used phone system, you may be sacrificing useful digital tools like voicemail-to-email, call tracking analytics, and the ability to connect offices by using the internet like a cloud phone does. If you have a sales team or call center, the data that you can collect with a new VoIP phone can be extremely useful to pursue business goals. It’s important to think carefully about what features you will need for your business phone solution and to note where a used phone falls short.

Where Has this Phone Been?

Unlike a used car or an old home, you can’t obtain a certified history report on a used phone system. While the technology may look fine, technological problems could be lurking inside the device. Unseen malfunctions within a used phone can cause dropped calls, poor call quality, and even decrease your staff’s productivity due to lost time with technological difficulties. When you’re buying a used phone system, you’re taking a gamble on the phone’s prior owners and maintenance history.

After evaluating all the potential problems and costs of a used system, a new phone solution might not be as expensive as you initially thought. Although you may have hoped to make due with a used phone system, a much safer communication solution for small businesses is a cloud-based VoIP system. The savings of a new virtual phone over a traditional or legacy system are incredibly appealing. That, combined with easy setup, guaranteed scalability, and increased functionality makes considering a used legacy phone an unproductive choice.