How Can I Use My ShoreTel Phone System to Improve Customer Experience?

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How Can I Use My ShoreTel Phone System to Improve Customer Experience?

You don’t have to have an MBA to know that a business doesn’t get very far without any customers. But while an innovative product can go a long way towards attracting customers in the first place, if you cannot provide a notable customer experience, you will have trouble getting them to come back. If you’ve tried throwing money and new customer service agents and better training, it might be time to look for a new solution — on your phone.

ShoreTel is among the best phone system solutions for small business and can help improve the experience your customers have while driving you towards critical business goals.

Know What’s Going On

Depending on the size of your organization, it can be all but impossible to know what your customers who contact you experience. ShoreTel phones can offer detailed reports of how every phone call goes, including hold time, allowing you to target any improvements towards negative experiences. Phone call reporting is the best way to track important customer experience metrics so that you can work effectively to improve them.

Give Customer Service Agents More Information

When a customer spends time on hold or being routed to an agent, it is beyond frustrating to then have to wait for that agent to track down the information that they need to address that customer’s problem. Your ShoreTel phone can integrate with existing customer service information so that before your customer reaches an agent, that agent has access to all the information they need, from account numbers to the date of their last contact. By using this technology, customers get their problems solved quickly and are ultimately happier with your company.

Provide New Solutions On Hold

Ultimately, no one really wants to be on hold. However, the right phone system solutions for small business can improve even that experience for your customers. When you set your phone to provide answers to common questions or upsell popular solutions, time spent on hold is no longer wasted. Your ShoreTel phone can be configured to make hold time productive for you and your customers.

Seamless Mobility

Not everyone has customers that reach them through a contact center. If your sales team and account managers are your main customer contacts, it is important that they be reachable. ShoreTel mobility means that customer can call the same number at any time and reach their rep, no matter where they are in the world. The ShoreTel Connect application means that your team does not need to hand out their personal cell phone number to provide an excellent customer experience.

Every business is in the business of customer service. If you are not using your phone system to its full advantage, you may be working too hard to provide a great customer experience. Let your technology work for you and you will find you can make and keep your customers happy much more easily.