Managed IT Services for Any Sized Organization

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Managed IT Services for Any Sized Organization

Engaging an outside IT managed services providers is no longer a luxury enjoyed only by large corporations in Scottsdale, AZ.
With a range of evolving IT needs, combining with budget constraints, IT teams look to managed IT firms to augment IT skills, reduce out of pocket expense and to create predictably IT spend.

What can Managed IT Services and IT Services do for You?

Blue Fox managed IT services provides advanced IT support services to assist with planning, including fully mapping out expected infrastructure lifespan and replacement needs over 5+ years, and helping internal IT departments to forecast costs that might otherwise not be foreseen.

Managed IT services can also help businesses control IT costs, focus on its core business and elevate existing IT staff roles to concentrate on more strategic issues.

How Does an IT Professional Benefit from an MSP?

IT departments often can benefit from an MSP’s deep bench of certified, expert staff who are fully versed in new technologies, important updates and evolving best practices to:

  • Gain an understanding of which technologies best address needs
  • Provide predictive costs and proactive support
  • Ensure that they can be supported without continually having to retrain teams
  • Make sure that infrastructure always adheres to best practices

You must be sure your data is secure

Cyber attacks have never been more prevalent—or lucrative for hackers. Sixty-two percent of all cyber-attacks, about 4,000 a day, hit small to mid-sized businesses, according to IBM. Cybercriminals target small businesses because they are considered easier targets. Overall, more than 910 million records containing sensitive information were compromised in the first three months of 2017 alone [1] and Herjavec Group estimates ransomware damages and costs at $1 billion annually.[2]

Cybersecurity can change not only by the year but by the hour—and that can be difficult to keep track of for organizations of any size. An MSP can help fill gaps in your resources and educate your organization on the most prominent threats to your business and your industry. A service provider can provide a third-party, security-and-risk assessment, becoming your partner against new and developing threats.

Disaster Recovery is high on your list

At some point, your data will be at risk because of a natural disaster, human error, or cyber attack. Data loss is costly and extremely risky. Just 60 percent of organizations surveyed have a documented disaster recovery plan in place, and only 40 percent of them test the plan annually, according to a survey released in November 2016 by Zetta, a provider of data protection and disaster recovery solution. In today’s environment—both the literal physical one and the metaphorical state of IT—denial or simply hoping for the best only invites trouble, perhaps with catastrophic consequences.

Managed IT services firms can help to protect customers from catastrophic losses by helping them proactively develop custom plans that fit their needs. These plans include important details such as recovery priorities, key contacts, and their roles; timetables for restoration, and more. Further, they clearly establish agreed-upon priorities and assign specific personnel to specific responsibilities, with an eye on getting the company operates as quickly and as safely as possible.

Every Company has aspects of IT they could be doing better.
What’s yours?

Business continuity is a looming concern

Even in companies with fully staffed IT departments, the number of resources available at all hours is limited. Every business owner knows the importance of their data. While the likelihood of a major disaster is remote, most of data loss is the result of localized problems. Could your business weather equipment failure have caused by a tree falling through the roof, a lightning strike, or theft?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, 93 percent of companies that suffer a significant data loss are out of business within five years.

Blue Fox Group combines planning, prevention, and protection to make sure your business thrives no matter what comes your way. We protect your company against potential disasters that could put you out of business.

Your team must leverage technology & innovation to grow

Technologists are expected to drive advancement and do so cost-effectively, while also constantly assessing opportunities for innovation. Still, IT personnel are constantly sought by end users at every level. While printer issues and email questions are important, they do not move the business forward. Analyst firm IDC forecasts that 80% of IT staff time is consumed by “undifferentiated heavy lifting,” rather than enabling innovation. Each hour staff spends putting out fires is one less they devote to growing your business.

With MSP personnel helping with heavy lifting, your IT department is free to focus on strategic initiatives. Properly focused on the core business, your in-house IT staff is free to perform crucial tasks such staying in alignment with organizational strengths, providing a service-oriented mentality to guarantee uptime, adding value with solutions versus making things work and increasing visibility and reporting on what matters to uncover opportunities that advance business goals.

Need your workforce to adapt to new technology and innovation

With the range of hardware and software, IT must support, it’s impossible for one person or small team to keep up with the demand for ever-changing expertise. Cisco Certified Architect (CCA), Cisco Certified Design Expert (CCDE) training, and Telecommunication certifications, for instance, requires tens to hundreds of hours to earn. Yet every organization needs to adhere to best practices for implementation. Without adequate training or a firm understanding of new technologies, IT staff cannot with confidence help your company with initiatives such as building out the cloud with Salesforce and other web-based apps, or installing a new ERP system or replacing the phone system with a complete unified communications platform.

For some smaller businesses, a managed service provider (MSP) may be able to take care of all system requirements–network layer, servers, support—so owners and managers don’t have to worry about them, for less than the price of hiring an additional full-time employee. They can also offer a point of escalation, to troubleshoot services from a specialist in Cisco, security or other aspects, based on need, helping your workforce adapt to new innovations and do their jobs, better

Reduce unpredictable costs. Leverage technology to elevate your IT team to a strategic level of planning and gain the expertise of a dedicated IT team who solves complicated problems every day.

Elevate Your IT.