Is Your New UC Solution Reliable and Easy-to-Use?

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Is Your New UC Solution Reliable and Easy-to-Use?

There is no such thing as an easy implementation of any phone system. From small businesses to big box brands, communication solution implementations are often difficult, messy projects.

But while implementation of a communications system may not be easy, you should expect a solution that is easy to use. Now that you’re all set up and ready to go, here’s what you should look forward to from your Cloud vendor Unified Communications services:

  • A Reliable Communications System
  • Tools that make it easy for your staff to communicate and collaborate
  • A system that is easy for your IT staff to manage.

Reliable Communication

Once your new UC solution is implemented, your days of getting angry calls about poor connections during your video conferencing meetings should be history. You should have no more of those patchy calls where every other word is missed, as hosted VoIP with a reliable UC vendor provides crystal clear audio and video connections.

This isn’t to say there will never be any issues. Systems will still go down, as they do. But if your UC provider’s network has the proper redundancy, any fail-over should be immediate and seamless, with no impact on your communications. Additionally, Cloud hosted communications should offer service-level agreements that guarantee uptime.

Ease of Communication

With your switch to a Cloud UC solution, your staff should see clear improvements in ease-of-use from your previous system:

  • The ability to access voice-mail quickly and easily
  • The ability to quickly identify whether someone is available, via presence technology
  • The ability to easily contact and collaborate with colleagues via voice, video or chat.

And they should have this functionality across all of their devices, from their smartphone to their tablet, to their desktop PC.

Ease of Management

Your IT staff should also be seeing improvements over the old system.

The amount of time required to perform moves, adds and changes should be greatly reduced. New staff should no longer have to wait weeks to be up and communicating with their colleagues. And moving teams from one part of the building to another – or even to another building – should no longer require mean communications downtime.

And with a Cloud-based solution, there is no need to schedule system upgrades because they’re performed automatically.

This means your IT department should see fewer tickets and have fewer communications-related tasks.

So, Is This What You’re Experiencing With Your Vendor?

Your communications solution is the most critical application in your organization. Has your new solution provided for efficient and effective collaboration, made for easier systems management, and enabled your business to grow, innovate, and expand?

If your answer is no, we’d love to chat with you about your options. Give us a call at 480-941-8280 or contact us on the web.