How to Explain Hosted VoIP Solutions

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How to Explain Hosted VoIP Solutions

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is now the standard for business voice communication. It offers enhanced convenience over analog systems and provides features like call reporting, management, conferencing, messaging, monitoring as well as more enhanced security features. But when explaining this service to someone who knows little about it, it might get confusing. To help articulate the features of a service, here are some common initial questions:

What Exactly is Hosted VoIP?

Hosted VoIP solutions work because the service provider supplies the equipment and phone system infrastructure at their private data center. They then are responsible for the Integrated Access Device (IAD) like a QoS router and the IP phones and switches. A hosted solution provides features and capabilities of an analog system with a growing list of more modern technologies. Even better yet, all services are available through a simple internet connection.

What are the Benefits?

It’s quick, cost-effective, easy to implement, and reduces investment risks. Also, the monthly fees are subscription-based and can become a part of the operating budget instead of a capital expense. Some of the additional features you can experience benefits from include:

Professional Monitoring:

24/7 monitoring should come standard so performance and security remain a top priority at all hours.

Advanced Features:

With a VoIP solution, new features and functionality are available instantly as upgrades are available without additional costs and the need to summon any in-house IT resources.

Less Hassle:

Hosted VOIP removes you from the telecom management business. Frustration, IT resources, costs, and the many headaches of upgrading systems are virtually eliminated.

Highly Scalable:

Web-based administration tools offer the ability to make changes that would have previously required some hardware or software upgrades. You can manage all the services, features, and capacities quickly and easily.

Network Convergence:

Data and voice traffic are now combined on the same network, reducing costs.

What about Hybrid VoIP?

For companies not ready to migrate fully to VoIP services, a hybrid VoIP solution may be an option. With a hybrid system, businesses can connect to their VoIP devices with their current handsets and landlines.

To put it simply, VoIP solutions provide greater flexibility and convenience to make and receive calls from anywhere as well as having instant access to advanced features and tools. Additionally, hosted VoIP provides the tools to help you plan for the future because you have immediate access to the latest in advanced communication technologies.

At BlueFox Group, we are dedicated to providing the best VoIP solutions for business who are looking to experience all the benefits hosted VoIP can provide. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about a hosted or hybrid VoIP service for your business!