Becoming a Member of the Executive Team With a Little Help From the Cloud

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Becoming a Member of the Executive Team With a Little Help From the Cloud

Most IT directors spend their days fielding various requests from the business staff their teams support. Maybe a marketing rep accidentally deleted a whole series of important files and wants to know if they can be retrieved immediately, or perhaps you have to deal with the user that is constantly streaming the latest viral videos, chewing up large amounts of bandwidth. Then again, perhaps you are responding to a Priority 1 ticket to remove malware (yet again) from a salesman’s laptop and then researching what the particular malware was – and how to keep it off of your network in the future.

And don’t forget the weekends spent installing security patches and upgrades – some of which, funnily enough, cause a system that was working fine Friday morning to be inoperable after the upgrade is installed on Sunday morning.

And no matter who else might be working on the issues, you, the IT director, are the one ultimately responsible for making sure your communications system is up and running, 24/7/365.

If you’re like most IT directors, the “Tyranny of the Urgent” means you end up spending too much of your time in the server room and not enough time in the boardroom where you should be, discussing business initiatives and their IT requirements.

Get Yourself Back in the Boardroom with UC in the Cloud

By removing the day-to-day maintenance and management of your business phone system by moving it to the Cloud, you have more time to be the technical consultant in the executive boardroom that your company needs you to be, and your IT staff can spend less time on trouble tickets and more time on business-related initiatives.

A Cloud UC solution can mean the following for your company:

  • Reduced network downtime. Through redundant systems, UC Cloud providers can greatly diminish the amount of downtime your systems experience, relieving your team of hours of troubleshooting and patching.
  • No more dealing with slow, outdated PBX systems UC in the Cloud utilizes high-speed systems in a unified platform. This helps keep your business communications streamlined for all individuals. Also, new apps and software can be easily added to your UC provider, keeping everyone on the cutting edge of technological advances. These constant system updates are performed by your provider, rather than your IT staff.
  • Improved communications system security. A good UC Cloud provider has advanced security systems that usually outstrip that of a mid-level enterprise business. Because they are providing security for multiple clients at once, they have whole teams dedicated to keeping all clients up to date with security patches, virus protection, and firewalls, freeing up hours of labor for your IT staff.

All of these issues take you and your team away from being able to provide your company with your true value and expertise. It’s your job to have your technology and UC systems help move the company forward.

It’s time to get yourself back into that boardroom. They need you in there.

If you need some help getting “untangled” from the day-to-day, we’d love to chat.