Combining Smarter Technology and Best Practices to Capture Lost Time

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Combining Smarter Technology and Best Practices to Capture Lost Time

When 1+1=3

Blue Fox Group started working with Meraki a few years ago due to their advanced cloud-based endpoint management dashboards that give network administrators granular access to countless mobile and desktop devices all from one pane of glass.  The automation, the ease of use and the security policy combinations, make Meraki a natural and preferred choice for many of our clients. But what Meraki

More importantly is what Meraki does for the IT professional.  IT teams can find themselves deeply entrenched in daily tactical fire drills that keep their time and keep them from many of the strategic initiatives that require their attention. It’s no secret that many IT teams have to manage the never-ending stream of help desk tickets that range from high-end, the complex project needs to tactical set up of employee’s workstation and slow networks. And what all IT professional needs is margin – margin to research new tools and stay abreast of advancing technology; time to tackle strategic projects and to secure devices on the network.

Bottom line: IT professionals need margin. But the technology itself is just that, technology. It’s the best practice coupled with the technology that provides powerful relief to the IT professional that feels stuck in the mire of daily tactical fires.

3 Ways to Combine Smart Meraki Technology with Best Practices to Simplify IT:


1. Use An Onboarding Solution For Devices

Whether it’s an employee trying to access the network from their phone to check an urgent email, getting all devices logged onto the network can be a bigger challenge than expected. This is also the cause of the majority of help desk tickets, especially for those who work in big institutions like universities and hospitals. By implementing an onboarding solution, users can seamlessly authenticate all of their devices onto the network painlessly, without having to worry about forgetting their password or struggling to connect IoT devices.

2. Implement Reliable Wireless Connections

One of the most frequent complaints to come across an IT administrator’s desk? Slow or poor Wi-Fi connectivity. With the vast majority of users across a campus, city, or office building now accessing the network wirelessly, ensuring that these users can connect to and access the Internet seamlessly will significantly reduce the number of help desk tickets—and the number of nasty complaints on social media. By deploying cloud-managed access points and switches, IT teams can manage and troubleshoot network issues from anywhere, leading to a faster time to resolution and fewer users experiencing network problems. With automated alerts, IT teams can even solve network issues before they receive a complaint, so users are never even aware there was an outage.

3. Be Proactive With Analytics

Are several users submitting tickets about the same issue? Is there one building where users are sending more tickets than another? Is there enough bandwidth to support a large event? Most IT teams don’t readily have the answers to these questions, mainly because they are focused on solving the tickets that cross their desk, rather than analyzing the underlying issue or where the request originated from. But with visibility into the network and the performance of individual applications, it becomes much easier to solve several issues at once, maybe even problems IT didn’t know existed, which later results in fewer help desk tickets. By figuring out some of the underlying issues, IT teams can re-allocate access points to cover dead zones, check potentially faulty cabling in older buildings, and test their user connection speeds—solving problems before they even result in a ticket.

Feeling empowered to start minimizing your tactical “to do” list?

Blue Fox Group works with the Cisco Meraki portfolio to offer IT, professionals, a central cloud dashboard to manage all wireless endpoints from one intuitive interface. This feature-rich, easy-to-use dashboard enables your team to reduce operating costs and rapidly implement IT initiatives with the hassle, time and challenges associated with traditional infrastructure and permission-based obstacles that make real-time changes and updates, time-consuming. Want to simplify your workload?


Source: Content for this blog was provided and authored by the Meraki team on Nov. 14, 2018.