How Your Business Benefits from IT Support in Phoenix

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How Your Business Benefits from IT Support in Phoenix

Remember the days when you could solve many computer problems with Ctrl + Alt + Delete?

Let’s just say technology has gotten more complex in the last few years. And it has changed to make life easier. However, technological breakthroughs come accompanied by breakdowns and hackers.

Most of the time, technological issues get prevented with regular maintenance and updates.

This is where IT support in Phoenix jumps in. If you’re in the Phoenix area and own a business, then you should keep reading.

In this guide, we will let you know the importance of hiring IT support in Phoenix. Your IT specialist will help you with security, expansion solutions, and much more.

Decide When It’s Time to Outsource

Your business is thriving and growing. The problem is managing your technology solutions might not be your expertise. Perhaps it’s growing beyond the company’s technological capacity. Your staff uses whatever technological knowledge they have to solve computer freezes.

What do you do about those annoying pop-ups? They ask you to update, but you or the team don’t understand the language. How do you know you did it right?

You might wonder if it will be too expensive to outsource your IT. Downtime due to technological issues could be costing your company a great deal of money.

Company security should be a great concern. If you’re not able to keep up to date, then consulting an IT company could fill in any security gaps in your system.

When an issue rises anytime after business hours, your team has limited knowledge on how to solve it.

If you’re ready to stop worrying about IT repairs, outsourcing is your best option. Consult your IT support in Phoenix for a guide on how to outsource.

Expert Service

Technology changes fast, and if you’re not a trained expert you might stay behind. The right IT support in Phoenix will manage all the aspects of your technology you need help with.

IT consultants have worked in the field for many years, and they’re expert veterans. They keep up with technology trends and security. They will fix problems correctly as they arise. Also, IT can catch potential glitches before they happen or escalate.

A team of experts will give your business a comprehensive breakdown of the areas where your IT needs improvements. They will discuss your skill sets and provide best practices for your team.

Once your team is aware of all the areas where they need help. They will be able to use all of the new resources the IT personnel provided for them. Always keep in mind, knowledgeable employees are more productive.

Dependable IT means your company’s management team will focus on the other aspects of the business that matter most.

Disaster Recovery

The future is unpredictable and whether we like it or not, technology is not fail-proof. This is an unsettling thought when you have a company to run.

We’re talking about acts of God such as fires, earthquakes, and many other unpredictable events. Computers are necessary to get the work done, but they are not indestructible.

And what would happen if a virus takes over your computer system? Can your team handle that crisis? if the answer is no, then it’s time to come up with a disaster recovery plan.

Trust your IT support in Phoenix to protect you and back up your technology. If a disaster presents itself you can be covered and business can go back to normal.

What if you didn’t have the proper anti-virus and spyware? Your IT consultant will help you get rid of the virus and educate you on proper security so it doesn’t happen again.

In case your hardware gets destroyed, you want to have the certainty your sensitive material has been backed up. Computers are easy to replace and install, but your data is not.

Comprehensive Hardware Guide

Let’s not forget the hardware. People always think about protecting data, backing up files, and updating applications. And hardware might get left behind.

Your hardware includes computers, cables, routers, printers, and scanners. Unfortunately, computers and hardware get outdated fast. An older computer might not be adaptable with your new router.

For example, wi-fi technology changes fast and your hardware should keep up to date. Otherwise, it might not function as fast as it should. Slow wi-fi decreases over-all productivity.

Every day there are new and improved technological developments. Laptops are turning into tablets and computers are getting ever smarter.

You need to do more than plug in cables and hope it will all work together. The purpose of IT support in Phoenix is to take care of regular hardware upgrades.

The first step is to evaluate your current hardware systems. Decide which ones can stay and which should get replaced. The support specialist will then need to put together a plan so you don’t have to worry about falling behind.

24-hour Help Desk

In the small business environment, it’s common to have a staff member who is the go-to-person with computers and technology. Everyone goes to that person when their computer freezes or relies on them to reset the router.

All tasks are conducted within the 9 am to 5 pm window, and this is perhaps the only time your tech-savvy employee will be available. As well all know too well, technology can go down at any moment.

If you’re one of the few employees burning the midnight oil at the office and the network goes down, who will you call? That employee will not be available to help you because they’re no longer on the clock.

Now what? This is where Your IT support in Phoenix steps in. Tech services help desks are available 24/7 ready to help when a crisis presents itself outside of business hours.

Most of the time these issues could be resolved over the phone if you only follow a series of instructions. They could also access your computer remotely while you get another cup of coffee and have it fixed by the time you get back.

Sounds too good to be true, right? It’s real, and all part of the great customer service you will get when you hire IT support in Phoenix.

Cost Effective IT Support in Phoenix

Maybe you’re hesitant to hire an IT company because of the added costs. This is a legitimate concern. However, think about how much money you lose every time a technological problem presents itself.

Think about the following. How much time do you lose when your internet goes out? You have to call the service provider and stay on the phone until it’s fixed.

Perhaps your software needs updating and you keep ignoring the window pop-up reminder. After pushing it to the side for far too long, the system finally stops working and you will lose time trying to fix it.

All those issues end up costing more money than hiring a company to do it for you. Think of it as preventative work.

Your IT support in Phoenix will be there to prevent problems from occurring in the first place. They will improve your overall performance from the start, which will reduce day to day problems.

When technology is unpredictable and you need service, your IT company will be the ones efficiently diving into the source.

Only paying for routine repair is cost efficient when you have an IT team of experts who do it right the first time.

Internet Performance Simplified

How much business does your company do online?

You need fast loading pages and the ability to promptly send information. Your business relies on the internet to find new clients and conduct tasks, so you need fast performance.

Perhaps your business engages with eCommerce and you don’t want to run into issues processing payments and orders.

Do you use the cloud or Dropbox to share files with your clients? A fast internet performance is necessary to upload files to the cloud. Nobody wants to waste time uploading and sending items.

Your IT support in Phoenix will fix any internet performance issues. IT companies know a slow connection lowers productivity. They will work to improve your business’ connectivity and keep it at a high level.

Easy Expansion Solutions

Has your business grown in the past few years, but your technology hasnt?

A company-wide expansion means you’ll have to expand the office space. You’ll have to hire new employees and upgrade technology.

In order to accommodate employees to meet clients demands, you need to purchase hardware and add licenses to your software. Think about how hiring an IT team could make this process a lot easier.

Discuss with them your future plans for expansion. How many employees do you want to hire in the near future? Let them know if you’re happy with your current technology.

Your IT support in Phoenix will be happy to create an expansion plan to fit your budget. Expanding is exciting but also scary. Let them take care of the technology part, so you can continue managing and expanding.

IT support will upgrade and install the hardware. They can obtain software licensing, perform backups, and facilitate remote access where needed.

The IT team can also make the transition easy for your business by providing training and assistance when needed.

Not only can IT support care for your computers and network, they can offer support with your phones.

Do you remember when phones were just phones? Now, phones are capable of so much more. Especially if you have multiple lines and extensions. Let your IT support in Phoenix know if you require more from your current phone systems.

They can customize it for easy communication within the office and possibly add conferencing to the mix. Thanks to Voice over IP and wi-fi technology, it’s never been easier or cheaper to communicate over the phone.

Let your IT team know if you’re also interested in video conferencing technology.

The Security

Security is a big concern among businesses. The era of easily accessible technology also means hackers are lurking to breach your security.

A study conducted in 2016 estimated the average cost of a data breach to $4 million. If your company has had security breaches, then you should consider the help of an IT Professional.

Security fails often have their roots in the basics. Passwords, for instance, often aren’t strong enough. Your IT team will help you determine which information should be placed under password protection. They can help change the password requirements for the entire company.

Your employees should be using strong passwords. Not only to log into their accounts but also to access other areas of the network.

Password requirements should become part of the company policy. Passwords should be changed with frequency in a complex manner. Using your birthday or the name of your childhood pet is not good enough to stop security breaches. Ask your IT team for a list of guidelines

Larger companies with many employees also need to be careful with whom gets access to the information. Too many hands can lead to security breaches.

Have your IT support in Phoenix determine which people should have access to more delicate information. Allow your employees to only have access to information that allows them to do their jobs.

Trust your IT team to help you protect your security from the inside, which is just as important as anti-virus and anti-spyware. They can identify the areas where your security is at risk and put a plan in place to prevent any security breaches.

Let Blue Fox Group Help You

As a business owner, you shouldn’t feel scared to outsource your IT services. IT support in Phoenix is here to help you facilitate this important area of your business.

Our IT professionals are here to provide you with the peace of mind and ease you into the transition. If you like to learn more about our IT solutions, please get in touch with us.