7 Ways Your Business is Begging for IT Maintenance

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7 Ways Your Business is Begging for IT Maintenance

We get it; running a company is no easy feat.

You’ve pulled in hundreds of different directions daily and just as soon as you’ve tackled on task, another one springs up in its place.

It’s like wrestling a hydra, and if you’re not on top of it, things can quickly get out of control.

But if you’re here, you’ve got an open mind regarding IT maintenance. You probably recognize there’s a need in your organization.

In fact, up to 27% of companies don’t even have IT support – and you might realize you’re one of them.

While businesses have tons of expenses they budget for, you need to make IT maintenance part of it.

Not entirely ready to make room for this expense in your quarterly budget? Keep reading for seven reasons why IT maintenance is what every company needs to succeed.

1. Consolidate Your Personel Resources

If you’ve got multiple locations, you probably have a scattered IT taskforce.

In this situation, you might have lopsided IT service. One person doesn’t do all of the scheduled updates, or you have one program that has to be shipped to each branch.

This causes a major slowdown in communication and productivity.

If you’re struggling to grow and are keeping personnel lean and mean, you might have one measly person devoted to the task. This person, more often than not, is probably just doing IT on the side in addition to all of their other jobs.

They might not devote their entire efforts to making sure you’re running the most up to date software. Plus, you’ll have to pay for extra training the might need.

With an IT maintenance service, you have professionals devoted just to taking care of your IT needs.

This means you’ll have the best resources at the right time – which is a great use of your money!

2. Specialization in IT Maintenance

When you bring on professionals, you know you’ve got a team dedicated just to handling IT.

You’ll sleep easy knowing that they’re on top of everything, knowing when you’re due for upgrades or how to fix any problems that arise.

Think about it – you wouldn’t want a medical intern doing open heart surgery.

Your delicate computer infrastructure is exactly the same thing. You’ll want professionals that have the latest training taking care of the heart of your technology hub.

Remember how we talked about having to shell out extra for training your employees that you task with handling IT?

Put that money towards hiring specialized IT maintenance professionals. There’s no training involved, they just get right to work.

3. Fixed Expenses

When you try to wrangle all your IT maintenance by yourself, expenses can go through the roof.

There are extra training, software and hardware costs, plus in an emergency, you’ll be forced to bring in a professional. If it’s really bad and your infrastructure is damaged, the costs can skyrocket.

That’s why investing in IT maintenance for your company brings the costs down. You’ll go from random, unpredictable payments to a regularly scheduled monthly fee.

4. Increased Productivity

When you’ve got IT maintenance professionals on board, they’ll nip any problem in the bud.

There’s no more lack of communication; they’re dedicated to making sure you’re running perfectly at all times.

They’re proactive about maintaining your systems in optimal condition. If you have a problem, that becomes their problem.

As you can see, it behooves them to make sure your infrastructure is running smoothly.

With no lag in efficiency, your company will see an increase in productivity, and eventually, an increase in profit. It’s almost like the service pays for itself!

5. Round the Clock Support

If you’ve got your scattered IT guys in your different branches or your one employee that tackles IT tasks, if they’re out, you’ve got a problem.

We’re only human so we get sick and we definitely deserve to go on vacation.

So if any of that happens and your systems experience downtime, what are you going to do? If you have a dedicated IT maintenance service, you would just need to pick up the phone can call.

You’ll always be able to reach someone who knows your systems and how to deal with them. There’s no more planning for your lone IT guy’s vacation or panicking when your IT employee calls with the flu.

It’s worth the cost to have the peace of mind that comes with a dedicated IT service.

6. Scalability

If you need to expand, there’s no scramble to figure out the new IT set up.

With an IT maintenance service, they’re with you every step of the way. Since they’re able to handle many projects at once, your company’s growth is no obstacle.

No matter where you go or how you grow, they can handle it all.

7. Security

Out of this entire list, this is the most important point to remember.

As a company, your infrastructure is constantly being targeted. intentionally or unintentionally.

Your systems might be at risk from a malicious email, innocently opened by an employee who didn’t know what they were doing.

Or, as a data-rich goldmine, there are hackers that might want to crack open your system and use your information for all manner of malicious things.

An IT maintenance taskforce is there to protect you from all of those threats and manage anything that makes it past them.

Plus, if you experience any kind of disconnect, the IT maintenance team is there to help you recover lost info and get your company connected again.

If none of the other reasons sold you on hiring a dedicated IT maintenance service, this one should definitely seal the deal.

Get The Best in IT Maintenance Service

If you’re ready to increase productivity and efficiency, take down costs, shore up your systems, and keep them safe from attack, we’re here for you.

The Blue Fox Group knows what you need and is ready to deliver.

If you’re ready to bring on a talented team to manage your most crucial IT needs, contact us today and protect your valuable IT assets.