Avoiding Common Pitfalls of Hybrid Cloud Solutions

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Avoiding Common Pitfalls of Hybrid Cloud Solutions

As a small business owner, you’ve been hearing that moving your business to a hybrid cloud solution will offer cost savings, convenience, and flexibility for your company. Of course, you are eager to experience all these benefits, but you might worry how the change will impact your phone system and the somewhat age-old communication processes you have in place. But rest assured, moving to a hybrid cloud solution can be easier than you think.
To help calm your fears, consider these common cloud pitfalls and how you can overcome them:

Security Threats

When considering your options, many businesses initially show concern about what could go potentially wrong from a security standpoint. Some of the more common security-based concerns are things like unauthorized users tapping into the network, loss of corporate or customer data, and even the dreaded data breach. But with today’s intelligent cloud solutions, more advanced security features come standard. You experience all the benefits of unique digital signatures and SIP encryption so you can prevent unauthorized access to private company information.

Lack of System Control

For many small businesses, the ability to control seemingly every aspect of the company is within an arm’s reach in a server or data center in the building. But with the cloud, the power dynamic shifts from an in-house environment to a virtual system. Today’s cloud systems offer both reliability and redundancy from a data center right to your carriers and to the phone system itself. This structure means you still have control – but now it comes from anywhere.


If crisis strikes like a storm or power outage, that can quickly mean a massive loss of revenue and productivity. At first, the cloud might seem like a more vulnerable option because everything happens virtually, but after doing some research, you will quickly learn that today’s modern hybrid cloud solutions include numerous proactive safeguards like off-site backup and server virtualization.

Not All Cloud Solutions are Equal

Because cloud-based systems are a somewhat newer concept, some business owners fear they are not mature enough to deal with today’s massive security demands. But in reality, most compromised data situations occur because of larger issues that need a higher level of isolation on the organizational level. So, keep in mind that not all cloud solutions are equal. But, when the right one is in place it can become far more secure than a more traditional communication set-up.

As you can see, the hybrid cloud isn’t as scary as it might seem at first glance. After doing a little research and building a system that meets the demands of your particular business, you are taking necessary steps to safeguard the organization against any potential risks.