Attention all Businesses: Plan to Fail

Key Steps to Developing an Actionable Disaster Recovery Plan Sit up and take notice: you should plan to fail.  A Texas-based pharmacy experienced an outage at 2 AM on a Sunday morning. Because this pharmacy had hired an outsourced IT firm to monitor its IT network and systems, the alert was immediately noticed by their outsourced IT […]

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“Un-clouding” Cloud-based Communications

The Cloud-based Services Revolution has come with a lot hype, as well as a good amount of confusion. Three of the big questions that seem to be asked repeatedly by those in the technology-purchasing food-chain regarding Cloud-based Voice Communications (“Cloud voice”) are: Where is it? Is it Plug-and-Play? Is it cheaper than on-prem? A Voice […]

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Call Center Managers Use Call Data Make Better Decisions

Brightmetrics Call Center Dashboard

This is true for all Call Center Managers: “What gets managed gets improved.” – Peter Drucker This is a reality in all facets of business, and especially when it comes to the most common point of contact you have with your customers: your business phone system. Brightmetrics has two options for delivering those measurements: historical […]

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Top 5 VoIP Business Phone Audio Issues to Avoid

One of the few things that we expect to work each and every time we pick up the phone is our dial tone. Have you ever experienced a when you picked up the phone to make a call and the phone line was dead? Talk about frustrating? You simply don’t think about why you need […]

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7 Business Efficiency Strategies You Shouldn’t Miss

Business efficiency

Are you looking for the best ways to streamline your business efficiency? While there is no shortage of opportunities and resources for increasing your business efficiency, it can be hard to determine what to try for your business with the wealth of information out there. As your business grows (or if you’re just starting out!) […]

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5 Reasons Cloud Communication Solutions are the Future

communication solutions

Remember the panic of Y2K? Some experts predicted our computers wouldn’t be able to process the fact that it was the year 2000 and all of our technology would cease working. It caused a mild panic at the time, but it’s now a punch line, a funny moment in time. Unfortunately, every software update and […]

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How VoIP Works and Why Your Business Needs It

how voip works

Is your monthly phone bill killing your business? Enter VoIP! Don’t worry if the term doesn’t sound familiar to you. We’ll show you how VoIP works in this post. And more important, you will learn all the wonderful things that this upgraded phone system can do for your biz. And more important, you will learn all the wonderful […]

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