About Josh Wendt

Joshua Wendt is the Director of Marketing for Blue Fox Group. Previously a vCIO for the company, Josh has a passion for technology, communication, and the customer's experience.

How Cloud Communications Can Save Your Business Money

In the ultra-competitive business world, most organizations are constantly searching for ways to increase profits and maximize ROI. If you find yourself among them, it's time to consider one of the fastest growing business tools currently storming the market: Cloud communications. Cloud communications are quickly becoming the hot new thing in the business world. If you [...]

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Small Business Scaling: Here’s What You Need to Automate

If you're thinking about the scalability of your business, congratulations! Whenever small business scaling comes into the picture, you know that you've done your part helping your business succeed. Big growth is really happening. But this also means that the processes need to be reevaluated. It can become a hassle to stick to those tried-and-true methods. [...]

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5 Ways Cloud Communications Increase Efficiency

5 Ways Cloud Communications Increase Efficiency Wondering if moving to the cloud will be cost-effective? Don't wonder - read this guide. Here are 5 ways cloud communications help your business earn. You’ve got a small business, or you’re about to start one. Would you rather focus on getting better at what your business does (or [...]

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Avoid Business Phone Buyer’s Remorse: 5 Things to Watch For

Choosing a Business Phone System? Avoid Buyer's Remorse Need a business phone system? You need to read this guide. Don't get stuck with a system that doesn't work for you - get prepared here. Businesses in this day and age are placing more and more importance on communication– successful communication. Communicating efficiently not only increases [...]

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IT Support Services: When is It Time to Outsource?

IT Support Services: When is It Time to Outsource? Your business is growing. Technical needs are expanding beyond your company's current capabilities. Should you outsource IT support services? Here's our guide. You already know technology is the key to running your business at its full potential. But you're having more issues with technology. The server freezes [...]

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Blue Fox Group Launches a Mobile Device Management Program

  News For Immediate Release   Blue Fox Group Launches a Mobile Device Management Program to Monitor and Secure Devices That Are Attached to Customer Networks Tempe, AZ — 11 November 2016 — Blue Fox Group, a leading unified communications and managed IT services provider, announced today that the company has launched a Mobile Device [...]

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Cloud Communications: Solve These Customer Service Woes

Cloud Communications: Solve These Customer Service Woes Customer relationships are the cornerstone of every business, and cloud communications help make these relationships more fruitful. Check out how to help here. If more than 25 million people found the right, reliable integrated solution for all their communication needs, would you follow suit? With a projected number [...]

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Is Your New UC Solution Reliable and Easy-to-Use?

Is Your New UC Solution Reliable and Easy-to-Use?   There is no such thing as an easy implementation of any phone system. From small businesses to big box brands, communication solution implementations are often difficult, messy projects.   But while implementation of a communications system may not be easy, you should expect a solution that [...]

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