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Joshua Wendt is the Director of Marketing for Blue Fox Group. Previously a vCIO for the company, Josh has a passion for technology, communication, and the customer's experience.

8 Benefits of Managed IT Services for Your Business

What is more important than your connection to your customers and clients? If you can't have total access to address their needs someone else will. This level of performance is also a requirement for your internal operations. Beyond the core competencies of your company, nothing is more important than staying connected. Managed IT services are [...]

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7 Reasons Why Every Company Needs IT Support

Think IT guys are just for big companies? Think again. There are numerous benefits to having on-site professional IT support for your business, no matter your company size or type. IT support can keep your business competitive. It can also save you money over time and streamline your goals. And that's not all! We've put [...]

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IT Services: A Complete Guide for Your Business

Remember when IT was about upgrading hardware and getting your computer to talk to the Internet? A lot has changed since then. Now you need to worry about OS updates compromising your cloud database security. You must decide between VoIP, PBX, and IP PBX. You must decipher acronyms like VoIP, PBX, and IP PBX. It's [...]

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How Cloud Communications Can Save Your Business Money

In the ultra-competitive business world, most organizations are constantly searching for ways to increase profits and maximize ROI. If you find yourself among them, it's time to consider one of the fastest growing business tools currently storming the market: Cloud communications. Cloud communications are quickly becoming the hot new thing in the business world. If you [...]

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Small Business Scaling: Here’s What You Need to Automate

If you're thinking about the scalability of your business, congratulations! Whenever small business scaling comes into the picture, you know that you've done your part helping your business succeed. Big growth is really happening. But this also means that the processes need to be reevaluated. It can become a hassle to stick to those tried-and-true methods. [...]

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5 Ways Cloud Communications Increase Efficiency

5 Ways Cloud Communications Increase Efficiency Wondering if moving to the cloud will be cost-effective? Don't wonder - read this guide. Here are 5 ways cloud communications help your business earn. You’ve got a small business, or you’re about to start one. Would you rather focus on getting better at what your business does (or [...]

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