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Why does choosing local matter?

  • National technology support is often outsourced to countries like India and the Philippines.
  • Cloud technology hosted in other states or abroad perform slower due to location. It's just a fact.
  • Technology is never turn-key. Training is a major factor in using it better, and getting everyone on-board to using all the features that justify the investment.
  • Support can be a headache when you have to call separate vendors for phone, internet, and software support. When you need support, you might find yourself waiting in long queues and explaining your "case" many times over to different support representatives.
  • Timezones can cause disruptions in getting the support and help you need when you need it.
  • Experienced IT partners who understand the entire network, including phones, are hard to find.

See Why Local Matters

Will you have to install new technology and updates to your system? Will you have to do it by video? Do you need someone to come onsite to help install and update? Not a problem with the support, and the team is local. Questions get answered, and technology works the way it is supposed to work.


Technology is great when it works, but what about when it does not? Who do you call? Will it be a long wait queue? Will the person on the other line know anything about how your system is designed? Local support at Blue Fox Group means that we know your infrastructure, your technology, and how to support it. No long wait queues and immediate assistance when you need it.


We often buy different parts of our network and technology from different vendors. What happens when we can't pinpoint why calls are choppy, the internet is slow or simply, you can't sign-on remotely. Now what? Who's going to help? Local means that we host your system locally, delivering faster internet connections, & cloud performance. Local, in this case, really matters. When any part of your system fails to perform the way you want, we not only make it perform better, but if needed, we can do it in person.


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Exceptional Customer Experience

With over 30+ years of honing our craft, we have mastered the art of helping businesses at every size master their own productivity and achieve their revenue goals through the use of technology. Located right here in Arizona, Blue Fox Group is the personalized service you want from a partner with big-company expertise to help you compete in any market.

At Blue Fox Group, our mission is to deliver innovative technology through human communication that makes your experience simple and your business more profitable. Learn more about Blue Fox Services.

Georgia B., Acorn Consulting

We experienced a very successful Scottsdale office set up today from your team! They are “fixers.” They are also professional, know what they're doing, and is always go the extra mile to make the customer experience a very positive one. Providing an agenda in advance really helped our team come prepared. Thanks so much! 

The Customer Voice

Brook T., Dohnal Group

Everything went very well! Amazing, actually, thank you to everyone!!!!! What great support and service. I should have set up the phones with you guys in the first place! Very easy and understandable so cool. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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