Here's How We Do it Differently!

Comprehensive Problem Solving
Comprehensive Problem Solving

We analyze, ask questions and dig deep. It's the best solution because we know the real managed IT service problems are rarely the problems reported.

Simple is Better
Simple is Better

IT services have to be simple and user-friendly. We won't make it any harder than it has to be. We'll get it right the first time.

Details are Everything
Details are Everything

We ask difficult questions to prevent small challenges from becoming big problems. Each small victory puts you one detail closer to success!

Best Service
Awesomeness Should Infuse All We Do

At Blue Fox Group, a managed IT service company, awesome service will become your normal experience.

Good People
Good People Make the Difference

Choose to work with good people. You won't regret it! They are the make or break between a good technology purchase and a not so good purchase.

Service Attitude
We Believe in a Service Attitude

It's our privilege to serve you! Our employees are committed to displaying gratitude and an attitude of service.

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Technology Solutions
Technology Solutions & Expertise

Here are some of the ways we employ our guiding philosophy to provide IT solutions to small to mid-sized organizations

Simple or One-off Projects
Complex Projects

Simple Projects or One-off Projects allow you to reduce distractions and prioritize the work that matters most. They are a part of our everyday workload. While simple jobs are straightforward and easy to coordinate, they still take time to complete.

Complex Projects span across the network, voice, security and infrastructure requiring you to take into consideration dependencies, resources, configuration and compliance. Depending on how they are designed, implemented and supported, they have the potential to increase productivity or break the bank.